MIPS Optimization

Rationalize your mainframe software tools and enhance operational performance with TCS’ MIPS Optimization Services.

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The TCS Advantage

TCS’ Mainframe MIPS Optimization Consulting Services drive IT infrastructure optimization by helping you reduce your IT spends such as OPEX and / or CAPEX to run and maintain mainframe-based legacy applications.

Specifically, clients value our strong mainframe capabilities, in-depth technology experience and a unique risk-reward-based pricing model integrated into our Global Network Delivery ModelTM (GNDMTM). 

Services We Offer

Our research indicates that companies often overlook optimizing mainframe MIPS usage consumption of their legacy application portfolio, which increases their total cost of ownership.  

Our clients face additional challenges, including the following:

  • Starved infrastructure budgets with reduced RTB
  • Integration and optimization of merging business entities
  • Need to redirect spending toward growth areas
  • Increased infrastructure spends with increasing mainframe resource utilization

We partner with you in a unique risk-reward pricing model to optimize your mainframe MIPS usage requirements. To maximize benefits, our solution integrates all essential dimensions into a holistic approach.

Our offering comprises the following sub-offerings:

  • Mainframe MIPS Optimization
    • Delivers lower Total Cost of Operations (TCO) for mainframe
    • Reduces Operational Expenditure (Opex) for software license costs
    • Enables deferring or avoidance of mainframe upgrades, resulting in avoiding Capex and an increase in Opex
  • Mainframe Batch Window Optimization
    • Enables patch processing window optimization by reducing the resources consumed by applications and support processe
  • Mainframe Capacity Planning
    • Ensures capacity management by reducing current resource consumption and projection future usage for  business growth
  • Mainframe System Software Rationalization and License Optimization
    • Drives the rationalization of mainframe software tools to reduce license costs

Solution Benefits

Our consulting expertise combined with our mainframe capabilities help you with the following:

  • Provide an end-to-end partnership, from identifying cost reduction, optimization and transformation opportunities to designing and implementing effective solutions with measurable and lasting benefits
  • Leverage MIPS Optimization solutions to optimize the MIPS usage consumption, yielding a 15-20% improvement in operating cost within 3-4 months for an average investment of $250,000
  • Measure the results by overall reduction / deferment of the Opex / Capex associated with MIPS usage consumption

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