Large insurance provider successfully migrates its mission-critical applications

A large insurance provider needed help to migrate its mission-critical business applications out of Sybase within a short period of time. TCS accomplished the task efficiently, using automated deployment processes, a hybrid tool-based approach and our proven methodologies.

About the Client:
TCS' client is one of the world's largest financial services institutions. Through its subsidiaries, the company offers financial products and services to individual and institutional customers worldwide.

This has been the best production release for this application considering the size of the project. Congratulations! Thanks for all your contributions and enormous efforts in making this a success. It was a truly incredible achievement.”
                                                                                                                - Director, IT Systems

Business Challenge:
A large North American insurer had several mission critical claims processing systems and financial and workflow applications that ran on a Sybase database platform. However, increasing license and operational costs, as well as duplication in data storage across tables that contained business critical information, were fast turning the platform into a bottleneck for the company's operations. Moreover, with the looming end-of-support deadline, it was imperative that the company exit the Sybase database as soon as possible.

The insurer decided to migrate all its mission-critical applications running on Sybase to a robust and efficient IBM DB2 database system, within the internally mandated deadline. Recognizing the complexity of the exercise, the company turned to TCS for help, knowing that our proven delivery methods and deep migration experience would help the company meet the requirements within the tight timeframe.

TCS’ Solution:
To ensure a smooth migration, we performed a comprehensive due-diligence exercise on the entire set of applications to understand the complexities and dependencies involved. Based on this analysis, we created an overall charter for the Sybase migration program.

We took complete charge of the program, from analysis, design, conversion and testing (including regression, quality assurance, user acceptance, and performance) to deployment support and warranty support. Automated deployment processes and a hybrid tool-based approach were adopted for both data and application migration. We used a third-party tool for conversion, along with tools, checklists and best practices developed in-house that aided both manual and
automated post-processing of the converted applications. We also used our own tools for end-to-end validation. The schema and actual data migration were performed using the IBM Data Migration Tool (IDMT) and we used Ispirer SQLWays to conduct the database code conversion.

We proactively identified and fixed more than 100 Sybase baseline application issues in the target environment. In addition, we identified several long running transactions in the baseline application and tuned these to improve user experience.

We successfully completed the complex migration for the insurer, well within budget and three months ahead of schedule. Our enterprise standards-aligned solution, using well-defined TCS migration processes, enabled an immediate exit from Sybase and improved data management at the company.

TCS' Sybase migration solution helped the insurer reduce Total Cost of Operations (TCO) considerably, due to easier database maintenance, server consolidation, and reduced license costs. The deployment of the latest technologies in the new system has led to improved application efficiency and robustness, resulting in improved user productivity.

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