Microsoft SharePoint Upgrade Knowhow – Do it right the first time

The objective of this white paper on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 upgrade knowhow is to provide IT consultants with an overview of the collaboration software and its critical features. We also aim to help readers understand the step-by-step activities involved in the deployment and upgrade process.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 provides capabilities to meet the critical business needs of an
organization such as business processes management, simplifying the find-and-share information
across boundaries, and enabling informed decisions. Organizations can empower their users to
create, manage and easily build SharePoint sites that are discoverable throughout the organization
using collaboration features of Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010, Microsoft SharePoint Server
2010 and the design and customization capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010.
SharePoint 2010 system architecture allows many of the application tier services to leverage the
same underlying common services, such as storage and security. This allows for the uniform
management of these services across the enterprise. Similarly, the presentation layer components
share compatibility with the application tier services. This ensures that the entire service
architecture is grouped logically both from the bottom up and from the top down. From the
bottom up, the architecture is organized into a set of independent services, whereas from the top
down, the architecture is organized into a set of applications that use those services.

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