Second Screen Revolutionizing the Television Experience - Part 2

Applications written for mobile devices, such as the iPad, iPhone Android phones and laptops are taking on great significance within digital media. To date, around 550 thousand apps have been written for the iPhone, with downloads reported at 5.65 million per day. On the Android side of the business, there are over 300 thousand apps with downloads totaling over 16 billion.

The entry of the iPad and other tablet devices, with greatly enhanced user experiences due to the screen real estate, 3G or WiFi connectivity, has caused some people to abandon their laptops for this everything-in-one device. The iPad has about 140 thousand apps to date, and this figure grows daily. In all cases, new apps are emerging every day, for those who live and breathe by their phones. So much so, that the phrase, “I don’t know what I’d do without my phone or my apps,” is a common statement made by those owning smartphones and tablets.

In Part 1 of the series, we explained the concept of the Second Screen (an app to redirect the audience’s attention back to a TV program or movie by creating a social network with the same interest) and its ramifications on the broadcasting industry. We also discussed opportunities for additional revenue and how to improve audience engagement and refocus attention on the primary content.

Here, we examine some of the technologies that fuel this viewer engagement and are becoming part of the holistic approach to Second Screen.

In Part 3, we hear what the entertainment industry moguls are saying about this app and how they are experimenting to discover ways of utilizing Second Screen.

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