Second Screen Revolutionizing the Television Experience - Part 3

In Part 1 of this series, we examined the Second Screen app and the opportunities it offers broadcasters, advertisers, media companies and other parts of the media domain. We also saw how its impact primarily depends on audience behavior and how they are targeted through the Second Screen app. In Part 2, we looked at the technology fueling the innovations of Second Screen. In Part 3, we hear what the entertainment industry moguls are saying about this app and how they are experimenting to discover ways of utilizing Second Screen.

These comments come from a series of panel discussions held at the Entertainment Apps Conference, which was sponsored by Variety, the legendary show business trade magazine, and hosted in Los Angeles. It endorses the view that social and digital strategies are necessary for all players in this industry. Most of the media heavyweights, including NBC, Disney, Lionsgate, MTV, Yahoo, Nielsen, DreamWorks and PayPal were present.

The conference focused on apps created for mobile devices that had TV, films and games at the heart of their appeal. It consisted of day-long panel discussions on various topics around entertainment apps, but was mostly centered on the Second Screen experience, the audience, advertising, merchandising and gaming revenue, etc.

The purpose of this conference was to address applications written specifically to gain an audience within the social networks, create games and other sticky elements to drive audience and revenue, and possibly even create some traction on their own by developing individual micro-social networks, focused on their creative properties. Another important element of discussion was the audience, their behavior, how to attract them and keep them; but most importantly, how to generate revenue from them.

The discussions, with luminaries from various companies as panel members, did deal with some typical apps for playing movie trailers, hosting games and other apps branded with a movie title or television show. However, Second Screen was the most discussed and reviewed app in the conference since its premise is fairly new and the participants were eager to know how other people are engaging with the app.

The following are some of the salient points from across sessions:

  • This is the new frontier, and not much is known about what the audience really wants.
  •  Using the Internet, volumes of data are being collected to determine the audience, locations, behavior and preferences. However, there are no standards, so a lot of the information is being based on traditional digital standards, such as click-through rates.
  • Cutting-edge, new-thought analytics would be welcome.

In this white paper, we provide a synopsis of each panel session, presenting relevant comments and subject matter on potential opportunities within the scope of Second Screen, as well as general observations from the panelists. These sections are written in a summarized manner, reporting the gist of the comments, philosophies and ideas reflected by the members of the panel.

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