Strategy for IT Infrastructure Stability in Heterogeneous Environments

In this white paper, we hope to provide a solution to build a strategy for IT infrastructure stability in large, complex, heterogeneous environments that support a wide variety of applications running on both mainframe and mid-range portfolios.

This paper is based on a consulting engagement involving six core business processes in the workplace savings business unit and associated IT portfolio (application, middleware and IT infrastructure).

We adopted a four-phased approach toward building the strategy for IT infrastructure stability in heterogeneous environments:

  • Discovery Phase
  • Modeling Phase
  • Opportunity Identification Phase
  • Roadmap and Project Identification Phase

It details a strategy on how customers can handle the future data growth volumes, sustain IT infrastructure stability and carry out 'forward consolidation' in complicated heterogeneous environments. The long-term goal is to successfully implement these recommendations, which would help the customer achieve business growth and address the business and IT objectives of risk proofing, operational efficiency, service levels, business and industry alignment.


In large heterogeneous environments, it is very important to build a strategy to improve the stability,
reliability and availability of the IT Infrastructure portfolio in order to meet business needs.
To summarize, this paper has provided a typical approach and strategies for improving IT Infrastructure stability in heterogeneous environments and they involve the following:

  • Alignment with IT vision
  • Business impact
  • Implementation risks
  • Technical complexity of the solution
  • Cost of implementation
  • Additional investments (hardware, software and tools)
  • Investments to address contingency

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