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Advanced Business Analytics


Gain actionable business insights to improve enterprise decision-making, with TCS’ Advanced Business Analytics Solutions

As the amount of data available to modern businesses continues to grow phenomenally, organizations must decide on how to leverage it for optimal results. They need innovative solutions to unlock the potential of data and utilize the insights gained to streamline operations and enhance overall profitability.

TCS’ Advanced Business Analytics Solutions help you redefine the way your organization consumes data.

The TCS Advantage

  • Dedicated data analytics and industry insights team: With extensive experience in the CPG space, our analytics team provides rich and customized solutions to CPG companies
  • Advanced data architecture and enterprise-wide data models: Our cross-industry experience in data management has helped us develop mature data architecture expertise. This enables us to facilitate rapid and streamlined implementation, helping clients capture data from different business functions
  • Advanced rendering mechanisms: Our Mobility Center of Excellence (CoE) provides you with a wide range of customizable platforms and devices that offer real-time insights for timely problem resolution

Solutions we offer

Our solutions include:

  • Integrated Cost Analysis Platform: The solution uses activity-based costing methodology to compute cost to serve across customers and product categories for pertinent CPG functions at the granular level
  • Integrated Business Insights for Real-Time Decisions:  An innovative solution that provides industry-specific KPIs and cross-functional insights across the enterprise. It helps integrate data from disparate sources and delivers a unified view of business performance to enable better decision-making
  • Analytics as a Service (AaaS): This flexible and scalable solution delivers integrated, enterprise-wide analytics for quicker and more effective decision-making, at considerably lower cost of ownership
  • Consumer products Business Intelligence for Decision Support: A technology neutral, global best practices framework that constitutes process models for various business processes, and associated KPIs and metrics hierarchies, to allow rapid adoption of analytics across the organization
  • Data Ingestion Platform: This Big Data architecture-based solution enables data ingestion from various external and internal data sources into a data lake. Equipped with data harmonization and standardization capabilities, this is implemented on the cloud through Amazon Web Services (AWS). The platform also provides access to all attributes required for advanced analytics implementation 

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