Consumer Packaged Goods

Sales & Marketing

One of the biggest challenges consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies face is impaired brand loyalty due to low switching costs of brands. The emergence of digital technologies is also influencing the buying patterns of consumers. Therefore, empowering the sales force and deploying a robust trade promotion strategy is absolutely essential.


The TCS Advantage

Expertise: Our CPG consultants are well acquainted with tools and processes such as customer relationship management (CRM), sales force automation (SFA), trade promotion management (TPM), mobility and business optimization

Solutions and accelerators: These include:
Pre-defined industry specific business process mapsAssets such as health check questionnaire, requirements checklist, ROI template, package evaluation frame work, and implementation methodology
Best practices spanning business and technology

Solutions we offer

Our solutions are primarily focused on the following areas:

  • Trade Promotion Management: TCS helps CPG companies:
    • Optimize the return on trade promotion investment-
    • Improve process visibility
    • Increase forecast accuracy and effectiveness
    • Ensure complete traceability of budgets
    • Standardize process
    • Carry out value-added post-event analysis that can be looped back to the strategic planning stage
  • Sales Force Automation: The tools will help the sales personnel get access to: 
    • Real-time data to keep them abreast of the developments in their sales regions
    • Actionable insights such as store sales data, inventory availability, out-of-stock data, planogram compliance, competitor activity and much more.

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