Consumer Packaged Goods

Supply Chain Management

Enhance the agility, responsivity , and cost effectiveness of your consumer goods supply chain system with TCS’ industry-standard solutions and services

Shifting global realities have brought to the fore a plethora of logistical management challenges. As international workforces have become more mobile, enterprises have struggled to keep pace with changing trends in distribution management. Organizations are looking to plug the gap with supply chain solutions that are lean, cost effective and seamless.

Solutions We Offer

  • Supply chain transformation
    • Comprehensive suite of solutions ranging from supply chain assessment and business case definition, to business process and IT enablement
    • We help organizations harmonize and reengineer their processes, right from sourcing and manufacturing to warehousing and shipment to improving supply chain visibility
  • Manufacturing 
    • Plant solutions for standardization and integration of manufacturing and IT platforms and processes. We support with plant design engineering, control systems management, digital manufacturing, manufacturing execution and intelligence, integrated asset management, transformation of sourcing, and manufacturing operations, to help lower the plant total cost of ownership (TCO)
    • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution that addresses each stage in the product lifecycle, including research and development, concept design, product design and design validation

Solution Benefits

  • Real-time KPI screening, higher productivity, lower risk, and real-time visibility
  • Improved forecasting accuracy, better demand planning, and optimization in network design that helps companies do sales and operations planning well ahead in time
  • Reduced cost of operations resulting in enhanced profitability
  • Faster time to market, lower cost to market, and better asset utilization

The TCS Advantage 

At TCS, innovation is our key determinant in building customer solutions. We are committed to designing personalized, dynamic supply chain management (SCM) solutions for our clients which are optimized for

  • Customization in supply chain structures  to ensure cost optimization under changing environments
  • Dynamic simulation and network analysis tools for designing robust supply chain systems

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