Consumer Packaged Goods

Trade Promotion Management

Optimize fund management, forecast, analyze and execute promotions, and enhance overall efficacy for consumer goods companies using TCS’ Trade Promotion Management solutions.

Consumer goods companies must look for new ways to manage their trade promotion initiatives. As the level of competition continues to increase, businesses need to find innovative solutions that will help them forecast and pre-analyze the effectiveness of their trade promotional measures, better utilize available funds, and thus improve the overall efficacy of the various initiatives.

TCS’ Trade Promotion Management solutions offer a comprehensive, end-to-end transformational process that empower consumer goods companies to realize their target effectiveness and returns on promotion.

Our Solutions

  • Consulting:
    • Business process benchmarking: Baseline current client process and assess maturity level to introduce best practices based on industry trends
    • Product evaluation: Help customers identify the best package among the ones available, suited to specific organizational requirements
    • Program roadmap definition: Define a roadmap for TPM implementation
  • Implementation: Accelerate implementation of TPM solutions with solution accelerators, including preconfigured solution for CPG companies
  • Business Process Services: Support with back office services for trade funds, promotions, and payments management. We ensure consistent definition, management, and analysis of all processes and activities during a promotion cycle

Solution Benefits

  • Effective decision making
  • Improved business processes
  • Increased focus on quality implementation
  • Better return on investment with regard to promotion activities
  • Improved Process visibility
  • Increased effectiveness and accuracy of forecasts

The TCS Advantage 

  • Domain expertise: 1000+ consultants in CRM, sales force automation (SFA), trade promotion management (TPM), mobility, and business optimization; 2000+ person years of successful CRM, SFA ,TPM  implementation experience and strong expertise in SAP TPM
  • Solution accelerators: Pre-defined industry specific business process maps and assets such as health check questionnaire, requirements checklist, ROI template, package evaluation framework, and implementation methodology
  • Industry experience: We have collaborated with several food and beverage (F&B) majors and global dairy manufacturers, where we provided consulting services and also enabled solution design and deployment. We also support our clients with end-to-end program roadmap definition and business process benchmarking

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