Consumer Packaged Goods

    Cost-to-serve analysis can boost an organization's ability to manage costs and improve profitability. Get insights into how CPG companies can efficiently identify, manage and reduce costs using cost to serve analysis.
    Enterprise App Stores can not only enhance employee productivity but also enable true collaboration with partners in distribution-led businesses. Enterprise App Stores can benefit distribution led businesses by improving productivity of internal employees and by enabling better collaboration between external customers and trade partners
    Eco-Sustainability is one of the key focus areas for the CPG Industry and has become a mainstream business metric for CPG companies Get insights into how sustainability is being adopted widely across the CPG industry, and how far it has brought about tangible results for organizations adopting such initiatives.
With a rich experience across the value chain, TCS' Consumer Packaged Goods unit provides a landscape to leverage today's vital platforms including digital, analytics, supply chain management, ecommerce and mobility.
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Trends, challenges and future drivers of growth faced by Industrial Distribution Industry

This paper analyses some recent trends, challenges and future drivers for the industry. It also discusses key business priorities, which when addressed holistically, will drive growth and enhance customer satisfaction

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Industry Research: Marketing Digitally

TCS partners with CGT to conduct a study on the digital initiatives being rolled out across the Consumer Goods industry, drivers behind them and response of the marketing organizations

Big Data in Consumer Goods –Fall 2012

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Integrated Business Insights for Real-Time Decision Support

An innovative product that integrates disparate sets of structured data from ERP systems, syndicated data, retailers and unstructured data from social media and blogs to enable critical business decisions.

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