Consumer Packaged Goods

Integrated Business Insights Real-Time Decision Support

Optimize supply chains, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and retail distribution to increase operational efficiency and market share, with TCS’ Integrated Business Insights for Real-time Decision Support Solution

To ensure profitable growth amid rapidly evolving customer preferences and mounting competition, consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies must facilitate real-time decision-making across the value chain by effectively leveraging data analytics. However, the numerous data silos spawned by diverse applications and databases, coupled with ineffective data harmonization, constrain companies’ ability to respond swiftly to dynamic business requirements.

Tata Consultancy Services’ (TCS’) Integrated Business Insights for Real-time Decision Support Solution harmonizes and integrates structured and unstructured datasets from multiple internal and external sources, to generate actionable cross-functional insights.

The key features of TCS’ solution are:

  • Data integration: Extracting structured and unstructured data from diverse proprietary and third-party sources using adaptors and interfaces
  • Data harmonization and modeling: Leveraging unique data modeling and harmonization mechanisms to process diverse data sets at different levels of granularity
  • KPI trees: Orchestrating a visual, logical representation of CPG KPIs in a hierarchical manner; empowering enterprise users to gain tangible business
  • Role-based dashboards: Enabling decision-makers across functions to track and analyze relevant KPIs

Solution Benefits

  • Increased market share: Grow revenues across product categories by enhancing your inventory management and demand forecasting capabilities; significantly increase the share of stock keeping units (SKUs), shelf displays, and sell-throughs
  • Higher operational efficiency: Reduce supply chain operating costs by boosting the efficacy of your procurement and logistics functions
  • Stronger customer connect: Track evolving customer requirements to undertake targeted customer outreach initiatives, and generate higher return on investments

The TCS Advantage 

By partnering with us, you can avail the following advantages:

  • BIDSTM methodology: Our proprietary Business Intelligence for Decision Support (BIDSTM) methodology delivers tailored roadmaps for faster implementation of large and complex BI programs involving multiple regions
  • Turnkey assets: TCS’ offering includes several pre-built components based on leading BI products including SAP HANA, SAP BW on HANA, SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence platform, and SAP Lumira cloud. These readily deployable assets are compatible with your existing technology stack, thereby ensuring quicker ROI
  • KPI repository: We provide you with structured knowledge documents on CPG industry best practices and KPIs. The repository curates insights from analysts, academic and industry associations, as well as industry benchmarks. It also incorporates product-specific KPIs from ERP vendors such as SAP and Oracle
  • Domain expertise: TCS has successfully implemented large-scale EDW and BI projects for leading CPG enterprises worldwide. Our BI and performance management (BIPM) practice has over 15,000 consultants, catering to more than 300 companies

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