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Brewery Industry in Transition: Embracing New Markets, Products and Consumers

The brewery industry is going through a particularly challenging phase given the current economic, social, and cultural changes globally. While technology advancements can help address these massive structural shifts, there needs to be a deeper comprehension of the strategic requirement before embarking on technology and business initiatives.

Beer manufacturers should proactively recognize the changing demographic, social and economic trends that are affecting their margins. Globalization, demographic variations and the changing regulatory platform are driving manufacturers to rethink their internal processes to address their global consumers.

They must tackle the following challenges:

  • Conflicting supply chain management and distribution processes
  • A regulatory environment that changes with each geography of operation
  • A sustainable innovation process to keep up with the growing consumer demands 
  • Packaging advancements and material restrictions

While beer manufacturers aspire to increase their market shares and expand their global footprints, they are internally struggling to cope up with this transformation. Today, they actively seek information technology to strengthen their processes.

In this white paper, we highlight the challenges beer manufacturers encounter in new product introductions, packaging, supply chain and regulations and how technology can help make these processes more efficient. We also provide detailed insights into how they can address their consumer and business needs through the intelligent use of technology-driven solutions, such as the following:

  • Mobility-driven retail execution
  • Supply chain optimization through route and warehouse management
  • Product lifecycle management to drive innovation 
  • Trade promotion optimization platforms 

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