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Enterprise App Stores for distribution led businesses

Distribution led businesses today face two major challenges -ineffective collaboration with Trade Partner/Customer and inefficient field sales operations. This paper will throw light on how mobile Enterprise App Stores are uniquely positioned to address these challenges and how they can enable roll out of best practices in downstream supply chain for better customer relationship management and field force productivity.

A growing number of people are embracing smart apps on their mobile devices to carry out daily activities related to their personal as well as professional lives. Many organizations recognize the potential of this trend towards increasing the productivity and effectiveness of their employees. This has resulted in several enterprise mobility initiatives, such as the building and implementation of Enterprise App Stores (EAS). An EAS serves the needs of employees as well as external business partners and customers, by providing an entire array of business and utility apps that make their lives easier.

This white paper focuses on the need for EAS in distribution-led businesses, not just from the perspective of enhancing operational productivity of the employees, but also in terms of enabling true collaboration with other stakeholders in the value chain, such as trade channel partners and customers. The paper also lists some of the key factors these organizations should consider while implementing an EAS.

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