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Digital media is revolutionizing the marketing landscape. Online, mobile, social, location-based new channels are emerging every day. Today, technology is the key and it is empowering marketers as never before.

The pace of digital change creates exciting opportunities for marketers, but it also brings new challenges:

  • Keeping pace with customers’ fast-changing expectations
  • Extracting meaningful insights from huge volumes of fragmented data
  • Tracking competition
  • Measuring and predicting ROI and optimizing marketing operations while juggling an increasingly varied media mix
  • Managing leads, agencies and complexities of cross-channel campaigns

The TCS Advantage

  • Breadth of offerings: Our services, tools and platforms cover the gamut of marketing requirements. Our technology specialist teams, partnerships with industry leaders, and vast experience across domains help us develop industry specific offerings and highly customized solutions.
  • Customized and integrated solutions: We provide holistic solutions and integrate them with existing infrastructure systems to ensure the seamless flow of operations across the enterprise while enabling contextualized customer experiences to improve marketing results.
  • Strong analytics capabilities: Our powerful and proven Social Media monitoring and analytics capabilities are at the heart of all that we do. Our cross channel marketing dashboards further facilitate the deep analytics crucial to successful marketing. Our engagement platforms have inbuilt analytics, providing capabilities for additional customer insight, better targeting, accurate tracking, and returns measurent.

Solutions We Offer

  • Digital Marketing Plan and Design
    • Digital Campaign Plan and Design
    • Digital Content Production
  • Enterprise Campaign Management
    • Campaign Implementation
    • Campaign Operations
  • Digital Marketing Analytics
    • Marketing Optimization and Insights
  • Digital Customer Experience Design
    • User Centered Analysis
    • User Centered Design
  • Digital Customer Experience Delivery
    • UI Development
    • Digital Platform Implementation
    • Channel Analytics


  • Marketing Strategy Consulting
  • Marketing Portfolio Assessment
  • Automation and Implementation
  • Managed Services, Measurement and Optimization
  • Digital & Channel Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • Architecture and Solution Design
  • Implementation
  • Integration and Migration
  • Measurement & Optimization

TCS Platforms and Accelerators

  • Digital Assessment Framework
  • Usability Assessment Framework
  • CUX, Responsive Web Design templates library
  • Digital Platform Reference Architecture
  • Channel Analytics Dashboard Framework
  • Marketing Portfolio Assessment Framework
  • TCS CubbuZZ Platform
  • Marketing Hub – Cloud Based Platform
  • Marketing and Campaign Dashboard Framework

Solution Benefits

  • Enhanced decision making: Promote a responsive and agile business structure with accurate and insightful data from our Digital Analytics tool
  • Faster time to market: Deliver solutions across multiple channels by driving real time connect with customers through online touch points
  • Improved marketing agility: Stay flexible, effectively manage risks and remain ahead of competition with our offerings customized to your service requirements and adapted to your evolving needs and organizational objectives
  • Increased revenue: Maximize your return on marketing investments by achieving your marketing objectives with our unique domain capabilities, patented platforms and solution accelerators

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TCS Digital Marketing Solutions

Tata Consultancy Services' (TCS') Digital Marketing solutions bring together technology experience, domain expertise, and partnerships with leading marketing technology vendors to offer robust digital strategies and comprehensively manage your digital marketing requirements. With digital becoming part of enterprises' core strategy, our Digital Analytics solutions harness data to augment sales, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance revenue. Through focused and specialized digital marketing strategies, we help you drive customer acquisition, retention, and increase marketing ROI.