TCS' Enterprise Mobile Messaging Platform

TCS' mobile messaging solution offers a quick, secure, and personalized conversation medium in real-time that drives business coordination, thereby reducing the cost. This is a team-centric collaborative platform where users can create channels

These channels can either be public or private, depending on the confidentiality requirements of the discussions.


By adopting TCS' mobile messaging solution, enterprises can benefit from:

  • Enhanced Communication Patterns: The solution is powered by the 5Cs of the digital world—cognition, content, communication, consumption, and connectedness. It enhances employee efficiency and productivity by offering a platform for increased productivity. It also helps an enterprise to form ad-hoc teams, due to its team-centric design.
  • Customized Notifications: The solution offers the ability to aggregate notifications across the enterprise and also enables the user to personalize the preferences.
  • Cost-efficient Operations: It is a lightweight and secure solution for digital communication needs today, which drastically reduces the investments made on company coordination efforts otherwise.
  • Quick Decision Making: It allows employees to interact easily with one another, streamlining and accelerating operations for fast and accurate decision making.

The TCS Advantage

By partnering with TCS, enterprises can gain from:

  • A multi-industry compatible solution: The solution can be configured and personalized to suit the demands of businesses across domains such as manufacturing; shipping and logistics;utilities; travel, transportation, and hospitality; business processing services; telecom; financial services; retail; healthcare; life sciences and the pharmaceutical industry, among others.
  • A secure and scalable solution: The solution complies with the customer organization's security policies and provides encryption on device, encryption on servers and encryption while data is in transit.
  • API Adaptors: The solution offers integration with the business system of records, devices, and sensors, helping enterprises to push business events for contextual collaborations. This helps accelerate business operations within optimized costs.
  • Analytics and Gamification: The solution offers fine-grain analytics to measure the performance of the user in terms of diversity and responsiveness. The gamification component of the solution also offers points, badges and leaderboards to incentivize the user, thereby driving organizational KPIs.

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