TCS’ Extended Enterprise Service offering

Enterprises, big and small, increasingly realize the need to effectively collaborate with organizations across the value chain as digitally empowered customers demand personalized offerings. To deliver unique, tailored products and services in a cost efficient manner, many companies have begun embracing loosely coupled business processes, rather than adopting rigid, conventional ones.

While organizations have stepped up efforts to nurture a diverse ecosystem of third-party resources, the associated business processes prevalent at many firms continue to render this exercise suboptimal.
The flexibility for managers to deviate from the standard operating procedure and contractual agreements, as far as engaging with suppliers and other service providers is concerned, is minimal. The lack of dynamic procedures for mobilizing external resources, based on varying demand, makes it difficult for companies to annul, or modify, vendor lock-in agreements. Moreover, existing sourcing and procurement workflows do not facilitate comprehensive visibility into the operations of the various tiers of suppliers relied on by companies. The rigid business processes are also partly responsible for rising coordination costs, with regard to enterprises’ communication with external resources.

TCS’ Extended Enterprise Service offering lets companies reimagine their approach towards external resources, through business process networks, to address the growing demand for customized, high quality products and services. We facilitate continuous benchmarking of business processes for reengineering of the same, as well as for enhanced accountability across the value chain.

TCS’ Extended Enterprise Service offering helps companies reap the following benefits:

  • Resource optimization
  • Improved productivity
  • Effective communication
  • Revenue growth
  • Product innovation

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