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TCS Real-Time Risk Monitoring Solution


TCS Real-Time Risk Monitoring solution uses our proprietary social media listening and analytics platform, PeriVista, to track news on assets and locations of relevance to your organization. The solution uses text mining techniques and data de-duplication algorithms to extract key findings from vast amounts of unstructured data generated from social media, and delivers quick insights to business

Our Real-Time Risk Monitoring (RTRM) offering facilitates integration with enterprise systems and activates response triggers via alert dashboards, thereby enabling swift assessment and strategic response. Social media provides a new dimension to the risk monitoring business process, and mobility offers a new paradigm to the workplace, enabling users to take decisions anytime, anywhere.

The TCS Advantage

  • Domain expertise: We understand the Energy and Resources industry and the challenges and risks faced by this sector, as we have several ongoing engagements with leading enterprises. We understand the importance of risks faced by these industries, and hence are well-suited to provide a customized social media analytics solution to companies in these industries.
  • Proprietary tools for digital analytics: We have developed a range of proprietary tools and platforms, such as PeriVista, CubbuZZ, and CrowdWise, that can help you analyze unstructured data generated on digital media on a real-time basis.
  • Advanced analytics: Our advanced event detection and de-duplication algorithms extract key events from vast amounts of unstructured data.


Energy and resources companies can make their operations more predictable by implementing our social-media tracking and analysis solution. The offering delivers the following benefits:

  • Better risk management: Stay informed about unexpected events across the world that can potentially disrupt your operations. Better manage operational, reputational, and compliance risks by responding in near real time to untoward incidents.
  • Improved stakeholder engagement: Leverage social media platforms to engage with various stakeholders, and gain valuable feedback on your risk mitigation efforts from local communities.
  • Strategic insights: Track conversation forums on various social media platforms, news portals, and blogs to monitor discussions and derive insights for strategic decision making.
  • Brand building: Improve your brand’s perception among various stakeholders by responding effectively to user concerns.

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