TCS dreamUP Product

The ability to swiftly access and analyze data to make informed decisions in real time is critical to competitive advantage. Traditionally, business and technology leaders depended on IT teams to unlock the value of data and present it in easy to consume formats. However, with IT teams unable to address the increasing number of requests in a timely manner, decision makers cannot make data driven decisions.

Business users are therefore increasingly turning to self-service visualization tools that reduce their dependence on IT teams for accessing and viewing business critical information at both strategic and tactical levels.

TCS’ dreamUP offering empowers business users, irrespective of their technical expertise levels, to create interactive, easy-to-use dashboards. Our web-based product facilitates the collation of data from multiple sources, as well as identification of underlying patterns, and sharing of the findings with other user groups within the organization. Users can create dynamic reports that use responsive design and can be published on different platforms including native and hybrid apps. By extending the reach of enterprise reporting to mobile and tablet devices, TCS’ dreamUP empowers organizational users to explore data and insights on the go.

TCS’ dreamUP product offers:

  • Extensive visualization functionality
  • Simplified data integration
  • Enterprise security
  • Platform independent reports
  • Enterprise collaboration
  • Metadata search and usage analytics

Providing benefits like

  •  Superior decision making
  •  Accelerated dashboard creation
  •  Reduced operational overheads

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