Digital Enterprise

Re-imagining the Consumer Product Goods industry

Digitize the value chain of your consumer goods enterprise by re-imagining product development, retailer collaboration, marketing channels, supply chain etc. with the Digital Five Forces.

Our Digital Reimagination offerings leverage the digital five forces (Mobility & Pervasive Computing, Big Data & Analytics, Cloud Computing, AI & Robotics, Social Media) to reimagine business models, products & services, consumer segments, business processes, workplaces and channels.

Digital re-imagination solutions enable CPG companies to overcome current challenges in the industry and drive efficiency and excellence.

The TCS Advantage

  • Dedicated enterprise unit for digital enterprise services & solutions
  • Proven record of end-to-end digital implementations across product development, manufacturing, supply chain and sales & marketing, which makes it the one stop shop for all digital related requirements

Solutions / Services we offer

We offer analysis, configuration and customization, integration with ERP, BI and legacy systems, data migration and testing services

  • Digital Marketing Offerings
    • Real Time Promotions using Gaming Applications FOR Multi-point Consumer Engagement (G.A.M.E): Engage consumers through real time personalized offers, milestone linked rewards, challenges and loyalty program sync up using gamification across multiple points like the web, social, mobile, interactive displays and kiosk
    • Targeted Marketing: Track social sentiments and trends of your brand vis-à-vis competitor brands using TCS Perivista
    • Digital Readiness Assessment Framework (DRAS): Assess the digital readiness of your consumer goods brand vis-a-vis the competition and identify areas of improvement for increasing your brand’s digital presence.
  • Perivista for CPG: Harmonize internal, retailer, syndicated and social data to create insights for CPG marketing and category management functions to make business decisions, engage with consumers in meaningful ways across path to purchase and drive business results.
  • Digital Commerce for CPG: Digital commerce for CPG enables D2C and B2B commerce implementations for CPG companies with innovative features driving personalization and optimization. The solution is aimed to create a seamless purchase journey for both the consumers and business enterprises.
  • Mobility Offerings
    • Retail Execution: Leverage digital forces for enabling data driven decision making to help in store monitoring, compliance, customer loyalty and revenue, measuring returns on promotion investments.
    • Plant Mobility: Use real-time plant monitoring and predictive analytics on handheld devices to help with quality management, operations, warehouse & inventory and plant maintenance.

Solution Benefits

  • Consumer Engagement: Effective campaigns, personalized promotions and optimized content
  • Retail Execution: Optimized route plan, intelligent order suggestions and reduced OOS
  • Supply Chain: Intelligent demand sensing, collaborative problem solving and accurate forecasts
  • Manufacturing: Improved quality compliance, increased plant maintenance and production efficiency

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