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Reimagining Energy & Resources

Energy & Resources companies are challenged by complex operations, the need to reduce cost and difficulty in finding the right talent as experienced professionals retire. They are increasingly coming under the lens not just from the government regulators but also from stake holders at large. TCS, with its blend of domain expertise and innovation across engineering and five digital forces - Social, Cloud, Big Data and Analytics, Mobility, AI & Robotics is uniquely positioned to help customers take on these challenges.

The TCS Advantage

  • Unique blend of expertise in domain, engineering and digital five forces
  • Global experience in integrated solutions across Energy & Resources industries
  • Ability to deliver efficiency without compromising business intimacy

Solutions We Offer

  • Digital Pipeline Surveillance: A new way of pipeline surveillance that replaces expensive and potentially hazardous manual surveillance processes with enhanced image analytics using satellites or unmanned aerial systems (UAS) with geo positioning to provide a lower cost, high quality, sustainable and safe solution.
  • Refinery & Plant Maintenance: Predictive analytics and an intelligent search based solution that exploits large data sets – sensor, plant systems and enterprise data to improve the reliability and utilization of refineries, lowering turnaround time and reducing maintenance costs. TCS’ easy to use solutions are delivered on mobile and wearable devices for assisted maintenance, to improve the productivity of maintenance personnel and their situational awareness.

  •  Solutions for Next Gen Workforce: A collaborative knowledge management platform for capturing and sharing tacit knowledge, identifying experts, issues and resolutions and collaborative workflows for faster execution of business processes across locations, departments and business units.

  • Smart Retail & Service: The solution enables new business models for oil & gas companies through value added services, generating new revenue streams and expanding brands and customer services using digital five forces. From social & mobile platform for car care to mobile money services, TCS offers a range of options for new opportunities to listen to and engage with customers.

  • Digital Connect to Metals Markets: The solution creates an online experience for customers to understand specifications, products, receive price quotes and availability or delivery terms and track the process through delivery. Social analytics on your customer businesses arm your salesforce with timely information and also provide insight into customer feedback

  • Streaming Analytics for Risk Monitoring & Predictive Alerts: TCS’ solutions help oil & gas companies monitor social media feeds in near real time for any events that may impact supply chains, using natural language processing techniques. Notify the key stakeholders of any such events faster than ever, to minimize business impact. 

    Modern extraction processes, whether oil & gas wells or mining equipment, generate a large stream of data points which can be analyzed and correlated through our big data & analytics solutions to detect anomalies, helping companies better manage the highly complex operations.  Storage and quick retrieval of big data sets with visualization helps people understand and optimize the operations better and can also help reduce costs associated with legacy platforms while doing so.

  • Oil & Gas mobile apps: The energy business is based on assets in increasingly remote places and the industry values digitization that helps run silent remote operations. People are involved in inspecting and maintaining these assets, or need to access information about them anytime, anywhere for revenue generating decisions. TCS delivers mobile apps for capturing and in-field analysis of well engineering data and past maintenance history to help personnel on inspection rounds on remote oil wells.  We also have apps to help oil rig maintenance crews take apart, repair and reassemble complex equipment, track crude carrying ships across the globe, combined with detailed cargo, ship, and pricing information that allow traders to close orders quickly. 

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TCS Digital Pipeline Surveillance Solution

TCS’ Digital Pipeline Surveillance Solution reimagines pipeline surveillance process using Big Data and analytics, and mobility, thereby increasing efficiency, ensuring operational safety and reducing the environmental impact.


TCS Real-Time Risk Monitoring Solution

TCS Real-Time Risk Monitoring solution uses our proprietary social media listening and analytics platform, PeriVista, to track news on assets and locations of relevance to your organization. The solution uses text mining techniques and data de-duplication algorithms to extract key findings from vast amounts of unstructured data generated from social media, and delivers quick insights to business.

TCS in the News

Ways to Prepare for a Workforce Knowledge Gap

This CIO Magazine EVP addresses the workforce knowledge gap faced by oil and gas companies and how we can leverage social media to bridge this gap. It features quotes by Jayanta Banerjee, Global Head, Energy and Resources, TCS, and Tom Franklin, Director, Global Upstream Center of Excellence, TCS.