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Reimagining Healthcare

Digital Five ForcesTM are converging with market forces to change the way traditional industries operate—Healthcare companies need to reimagine the healthcare business. Digital offers new opportunities for increased profitability and growth, but it also requires that healthcare payers and providers change their existing business models.

The Healthcare industry is in the midst of unprecedented change as the traditional group based business model shifts to a consumer based model. The shift brings two major challenges for Health Insurance companies: meeting service expectations arising from consumer centric industries such as retail, travel and financial services, and secondly, capturing increased market share from first time buyers.

The true power of digital is in the healthcare organization’s ability to combine the digital technologies to create their next generation of business and IT strategy.

TCS Advantage

With over four decades of experience working across the globe, TCS has built a track record in enabling healthcare organizations to transform, enhance business agility, improve operational efficiencies and increase customer engagement, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

TCS is working with the healthcare industry to see how it can apply digital technologies to their best advantage.  We draw on our experience of working with the top private and government hospital network as well as three of the top six health payers, to provide you with advanced solutions to optimize processes, reduce costs and attain high-productivity levels. Our state-of-the-art innovation labs and global solution centers, and cutting edge solutions and technologies set clients apart from their competitors.

Our digital healthcare practice draws on this experience, and the broader TCS Digital ReimaginationTM thought leadership, to help some leading healthcare organizations with their digital transformation.

Solutions we offer

Reimagine your healthcare business with our unique, customer-centric and agile solutions connecting the five digital forces

TCS Connected Wellness is a solution that builds a culture of well-being designed to promote the health and productivity of each individual, while adapting to the individual’s needs. It enables individuals to evaluate themselves, identify goals, break them up into action, track their progress, communicate, collaborate and reward them for positive behavioral change, all in a product-agnostic way. The platform contains built-in adapters that connect with market leaders in wearables, home medical devices and mHealth apps.

TCS Digital Wallet for Healthcare provides the much needed tools, channels and platform to stay connected at any point in time. The platform aggregates data from multiple sources across different timelines and allows for analytics that can provide valuable insights into individual behavior, such as their ability to adapt to change or the impact of health programs on individual and organization-wide wellness.

TCS Patient Engagement Framework helps individuals manage their health holistically. This framework leverages the TCS Digital Wallet for Healthcare to connect with the individual across the different points of care – PreCare, Point of Care and Post Care. The TCS Framework creates “Self Directed Patients,” who can advise and make educated decisions about their health.

TCS Chronic Disease Management Solution is a hybrid mobile application for enhanced patient engagement that helps patients take charge of their healthcare outcomes. It enables patients to record and track their medication schedule, activities, and nutrition, access educational videos and documents, and provide feedback on their health condition. They can also get personalized messages and interact through various channels and community networking.

TCS Virtual Health Coach is a virtual assistant that helps individuals understand their health benefits, Explanation of Benefits and assessments. With the introduction of TCS Virtual Health Coach, users are able to achieve a larger percentage of compliance in Health Risk Assessments and a better understanding of their Health benefits in a more cost effective fashion.

TCS Consumer Engagement Platform is now moving from a pure B2B play to a combination of B2B and B2C, Payers and Providers need more innovative ways to interact with their consumers. The TCS Consumer Engagement platform enables mobile consumer engagement, streamlining connectivity with the larger enterprise systems. As a result, the engagement lifecycle is widened, enabling members, patients and care givers.


  • The consumerization of healthcare is transforming the industry landscape. Our solutions enable healthcare organizations to effectively shift from a group-based model to a consumer-based model thereby improving their ability to efficiently and effectively engage their customers.
  • Customers are looking for a streamlined, omni-channel experience. Our solutions help you connect more frequently and more meaningfully with your customers, driving growth and profitability.
  • By embracing digital technologies and solutions, healthcare players are able to make the shift from a transaction-based model to a value-based model, with patient wellness as a guiding force.
  • From network management to wellness and care management, TCS digital solutions drive effectiveness and efficiency gains across the healthcare organization’s value chain where cost pressures continue to rise.
  • Getting to market quickly is a hallmark advantage of the digital healthcare organization. Our solutions help you get to market with products that delight your customers, one step ahead of the competition.


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White Papers

Real-time Patient Health Monitoring with Connected Health Solutions

Connected health solutions help healthcare providers remotely monitor a patient's health parameters and provide suitable diagnosis. In this paper, we look at current challenges and a suggested framework for Connected Health Solutions using Bluetooth low energy.

White Papers

New Horizons, New Hopes - Big Data in Healthcare

Healthcare organizations have vast amounts of both traditional enterprise data and less structured data from various social media channels that can be mined for useful information. Big Data has the potential to use this data to deliver significant insights that can drive improvements in wide-ranging areas of healthcare like clinical research, care delivery and health policy and planning.

Case Studies

TCS’ enterprise real-time radiopharmacy solution helps enhance patient safety and ability to serve customers

TCS implemented a real-time radiopharmacy system that helped Cardinal Health produce & deliver high-value, short-shelf-life products timely and efficiently, thus improving customer satisfaction.

Case Studies

US health care company recreates its online presence and improves customer satisfaction

A US healthcare company partnered with TCS to design and consolidate its multiple web operations under one umbrella thereby improving customer satisfaction by providing relevant customer information with a personalized experience across channels.