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Reimagining High Tech

The disruptive evolution of digital technologies has compelled High Tech companies to reimagine the way they do business. High Tech companies across the globe are continuously developing digital products and solutions that are enabling digital transformation. Today, it is imperative for a High Tech enterprise to not only create products and solutions that enable the digital revolution but also apply these forces to expand their services, simplify their operations, redefine their business models and serve their consumers better.

TCS can help in you in your Digital Reimagination journey by leveraging a combination of its Digital Five Forces - Mobility and Pervasive Computing, Big Data and Analytics, Social Media, Cloud, and Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, to build a digitally empowered enterprise.

Relevance for High Tech Segments

The surge in demand for smart devices with new and improved features has challenged the Semiconductor chip companies to reimagine their market solutions. They are required to work closely with suppliers and end consumers, to become a complete solution provider. This calls for reimagining their engineering ecosystem, marketing & sales channels and the supply chains.

The decline in the use of PC devices and rise in the use of handheld devices has pushed the computer platform companies into reimagining their product lines and following a service-centric business model. It is imperative for computer hardware to be faster, smaller, cheaper, efficient and hyper-connected.

Unparalleled user experience, hardware-software coalescence, ubiquitous connectivity, internet-of-things and uninterrupted supply chains are redefining the electronics space.

Software companies are repositioning themselves in this digital world by reimagining their financial models with new pricing strategies such as automatic discounts for sustained use, pay as you go, freemium, open source, SaaS subscription models etc.

Professional services firms in the legal, real-Estate, HR Management and consulting space rely heavily on large amounts of data and real-time information processing capabilities. The combined power of cloud, analytics, mobility and social will enable them to respond better to different business scenarios, provide granular level analytics, offer customized advisory services and create new channels of information dissemination.

The TCS Advantage

  • We leverage a combination of digital technologies enabling you to reimagine your enterprise along every major functional area including supply chain, sales, after-sales, marketing, HR and specific line of businesses
  • Our rich experience with technology companies help in identifying additional revenue opportunities from products and services through improved analytics, reimagined business process and innovative business models
  • We help you stay relevant and competitive at all times by re-engaging with the market and leveraging our extensive domain experience and digital enterprise solutions and services

Solutions we Offer

While expanding the global footprint and exploring new markets, High Tech enterprises need to take full advantage of the digital forces to align their IT, manufacturing, engineering, supply chain, sales and marketing functions. Some of our solutions and services that address these include:

  • Mobility Solutions: TCS Mobility services help you enjoy sustained competitive advantage with greater productivity, better decision making, superior reach and increased revenue
  • Analytics & Big Data Solutions: Our Big Data and Analytics services help you navigate the complex world of big data and take strategic and informed decisions, serve your end customers efficiently and improve your business value
  • Next Gen BI: TCS’ Next Generation BI offerings aim to visualize the customer's digital value chain by providing solution building blocks that enable rapid response analytics, customer intelligence and visual analytics. This assists in improved decision making experience in a predictable and prescriptive manner and thus optimizing the overall costs
  • Supplier Social Network (SSN): It enables collaboration between manufacturer and their primary as well as secondary suppliers, in a single social platform. The analytics & algorithms built in SSN, enable you to instantly identify possible issues in the supplier ecosystem that affects the manufacturer’s supply chain continuity
  • Comprehensive Cloud Solution: It includes scalable, innovative, high quality and cost effective solutions built on Public Cloud Platforms (AWS, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack) and Private Cloud (Hosted Private Cloud, TCS Private Cloud)
  • Social Computing: TCS’ enterprise social computing offerings help you foster an innovative culture within your organization by promoting effective communication, collaboration and knowledge management
  • Connected Equipment: Our connected equipment offerings help equipment manufacturers increase their after-sales support revenues and enhance the Return on Investment & productivity of the installed base.

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TCS Connected Equipment Solution

TCS' Connected Equipment offering helps equipment manufacturers increase after-sales support revenues and improve margins through services that enhance the productivity of their equipment in the field.

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