Digital Enterprise

Reimagining Insurance

The true power of digital lies in combining digital technologies to create the next generational business strategy at Insurers. The Connected Life of customers and the emerging ecosystems are driving Insurers to operate in them. Digital transformation will improve customer experience, enable restructuring of old processes and enhance agility.

With over four decades of experience in working with insurers across the globe, TCS has built an unmatched track record in enabling insurers to transform, enhance business agility, improve operational efficiencies and increase customer engagement, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Serving 7 of the world’s 10 largest insurers, TCS is the leader in transforming insurers into agile, innovative, customer-centric insurers of the future. Our state-of-the-art innovation labs and global solution centers, and cutting edge solutions and technologies set clients apart from their competitors. TCS is working with the insurance industry to see how it can apply digital technologies to their best advantage.

Our digital insurance practice draws on this experience, and the broader TCS Digital ReimaginationTM thought leadership, to help some leading insurers with their digital transformation.

Our Solutions

  • TCS Digital Insurance Agent Solution: Created on a mobile platform, this intuitive, comprehensive solution increases agents’ productivity by providing them the right product and service information at the right time.
  • TCS Digital Insurance Virtual Advisor Solution: Designed to increase customer satisfaction as well as facilitate employee training, our solution features an interactive animated character as the virtual assistant.
  • TCS Digital Insurance Risk Assessment Solution: By converting data from various enterprise and external sources into configurable geo-spatial risk layers, our solution helps drive informed GIS-driven risk management decision making.
  • TCS Digital Insurance Telematics Solution: Our smartphone-based mobile telematics application enables the adoption of a cost-effective telematics business model without expensive black box technology.
  • TCS CubbuZZ Platform: Hosted on the cloud, TCS’ CubbuZZ platform aggregates content into visually engaging and appealing three-dimensional objects, promoting information on multiple channels in real time. With a built-in analytics dashboard, this solution provides powerful cross-channel distribution, localized content, and greater user engagement.
  • Underwriting Workbench: Our platform uses advanced analytics and geospatial technology to locate and visualize potential risks across various assets and properties. By combining dynamic case management, business rules, workflows, and decision support systems with robust geospatial functions, our solution brings efficiency and effectiveness to the entire underwriting process.
  • Virtual Retirement Counselor: Our omni-channel solution helps consumers visualize and better understand their retirement goals and plans.
  • Data Archival & Analytics: Designed specifically for the insurance domain, this Hadoop-based platform helps insurance enterprises to archive their rapidly growing digital content.
  • Field Risk Assessment: Leveraging the capabilities of the tablet and Google Glass, this solution helps Risk Engineers capture site images, organize and streamline assessment activities, efficiently record risk information and process their inputs with enterprise underwriting systems, all while on-the-go.
  • Digital Strategy: The transition from a traditional to a digital insurer requires a methodical approach. Using our USER framework, we help you design a realistic roadmap to ensure that your digitization efforts bring about real business results.


  • Customer Experience is at the heart of competitive differentiation. Customers are looking for a streamlined, omni-channel experience. Our solutions help you connect more frequently and more meaningfully with your customers, driving growth and profitability.
  • Getting to market quickly is a hallmark advantage of the Digital Insurer. Our solutions help you get to market with products that delight your customers, one step ahead of the competition.
  • Digitization drives efficiency gains across the insurance value chain accurate. From distribution, to policy serving, to claims, TCS’s digital solutions help you perform better and faster.
  • Digital tools and technology will empower an Insurer’s Claims organization; increasing automation, enabling access to real-time, location specific data, and identifying potentially fraudulent claims. The Claims process will be more sophisticated and efficient from the first notice of loss through to adjudication.
  • TCS Digital Solutions will refine an insurer’s underwriting process enabling accurate risk evaluation and identifying complex location-based risks; resulting in faster underwriting decision, more competitive product pricing, increased profitability and customer satisfaction.


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