Digital Enterprise

Reimagining Media and Information Services

Digital business is disrupting the traditional media value chain and reimagining the traditional business to fit new markets, consumers and products. This shift opens up immense opportunities that transcends the traditional boundary of content companies.

The key question that has become the holy grail for digital content creators and distributors is - ‘How to reimagine the value chain of strategy, product development, operations, marketing, sales and customer service for their new market?’

The TCS Advantage

TCS understands the disrupting digital landscape and is a pioneer in the technological advancements that have led to this delightfully innovative era. Be it our investments in Supercomputing, Cloud computing or our cutting edge and scalable innovation labs, we have the required expertise to see beyond the curve. Our seasoned industry experts collaborate with organizations to define digital strategy, product definitions, digital content strategy and enterprise processes. Our approach is value chain centric, holistic and actionable.

Solutions / Services We Offer

  • Digital ReimaginationTM ideation and innovation
  • Digital content platform for digital consumer
  • Enterprise cloud for digital back office
  • Immersive ideation workshops
  • Digital product engineering workbench

We partner with the clients in their journey towards digital enterprise to transcend traditional means of selling content to creating solutions for the digital consumer. Our full solution suite addresses the entire value chain, comes bundled with best practices, are cloud enabled, adaptable and ready to go.

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