Digital Enterprise

Reimagining Telcos

The telecommunication market is continuously evolving with every player expected to continuously innovate and find ways to reduce costs and stay competitive. Digital reimagination has been providing a huge opportunity worldwide, and is arguably the next major driver for telecom.

TCS, through the use of five core digital forces (Mobility and Pervasive Computing, Big Data and Analytics, Social Media, Cloud and Artificial Intelligence & Robotics), is helping customers digitize and digitally transform their business. We help transform your business models, products and services, customer segments, channels, business processes and workplaces.

The TCS Advantage

TCS’ Innovation Labs for the telecom industry provides ‘on-demand’ access to innovative solutions built on emerging technologies. We  focus on creating reusable assets and components that help customers achieve high productivity and significant cost savings. Our strategic alliances with leading product vendors and technology providers worldwide ensure the delivery of technologically-advanced solutions to the customers.

Solutions We Offer

TCS digital offerings catering to the unique needs and opportunities of telecom industry are as follows:

Solution Benefits

Deploying a combination of the digital five forces will result in a more agile telcos delivering business value such as:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Extended reach to new customer segments
  • Faster time to market
  • Cost reduction
  • Reduction in waste of natural resources

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White Papers

Digital Reimagination of Communication Providers

The new digitally empowered consumers demand a plethora of services spanning content, communications, and enterprise services. The services - leveraging the burgeoning smart device ecosystem- are expected to be delivered seamlessly via unified engagement channels with consistent quality of experience. In this paper, we look at the digital consumer economy at length – its services and stakeholders- and explore how Communication Providers can leverage the digital five forces - mobility and pervasive computing, big data and analytics, social media, cloud, and artificial intelligence and robotics – to lead value creation in the digital ecosystem.