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Reimagining Travel, Transportation and Hospitality

Streamline your enterprise transformation with our suite of digital solutions that leverage digital forces - social media, mobility & pervasive computing, big data & analytics, cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence(AI) to enhance your customer experience, capture new revenue opportunities and stay ahead of competition. 

Today Travel, Transportation & Hospitality companies find themselves at the crossroads of a rapidly changing business environment. Customer expectations are changing, safety and operational efficiency have become even more important and there is pressure even from non-traditional competitors. Digital technologies like social media, mobility & pervasive computing, cloud computing, big data  & analytics and AI are changing the way companies do business. To stay relevant and competitive, organizations are leveraging a combination of these digital forces to reimagine their customer channels, business models, workplaces, processes and customer segments. 

TCS understands the impact these digital forces have on our client business. We invest in developing solutions that leverage these forces and further build our capabilities to help our clients better.

We believe the following themes would redefine the industry in the coming years:

  • Personalization at each touch point: Empowering every touch point with customer data taken from internal and social data sources to provide seamless experience across touch points.
  • Predictive analytics: Understanding the customer's immediate needs and proactively engaging with them. Empowering employees with recommendations at the first symptom of disruption, giving them enough time to prepare for the event.
  • Customer collaboration: Engage with the customer on a continuous basis and understand their changing preferences based on external and internal parameters.
  • Continuity across all channels: Understand where the customer has left last time and ensure continuity in conversation no matter what touch point or which channel the customer tried to engage with the enterprise. The enterprise systems would maintain the state of every conversation so that the communication to the customer is seamless.

Solutions We Offer

We strongly feel that personalization and omni-channel continuity would be a differentiating factor. To that effect, we are working on the following solutions in our labs, with our innovation partners and customers:

  • TCS Crew Collaboration platform: A comprehensive crew mobility solution that empowers the airline crew with information needed to provide the personalized service to the customer. The solution optimizes flight processes thereby reliving crew's time from cumbersome manual  tasks and gives more time at their disposal to provide better customer service
  • TCS Hospitality solutions: Our suite of hospitality solutions on these digital technologies enable a hospitality chain to:-
    • Provide personalized offers to the customer based on the information mined real time, manage contextualized ancillary sale, eliminate dependency on front room desk through automatic allocation of room according to their preferences, perform seamless checkout through automated processes.
    • Enable Butler / Concierge services get on-time information about the customer and provide consistent staying experience thorough personalized in-room amenities and services
    • Enable housekeeping to prioritize their work so that they get the right rooms ready for early check-in and ensure they do not disturb guests who have not left.
    • Empowers housekeeping to connect to facilities management in case of repairs or breakages in realtime

TCS Advantage

  • Domain and technology leadership: With over 20 years of experience with travel, transportation and hospitality companies and leadership in emerging technologies, TCS understands your business and the underlying technology. We bring in extensive experience from working with leading organizations in redefining customer experience, customer channels, process etc.
  • Dedicated Travel & Hospitality Innovation Lab: Building on its Innovation culture, TCS has established dedicated Travel & Hospitality Innovation Lab to develop solutions leveraging the digital forces. The Lab also provides an ecosystem for companies to experiment with emerging technologies and develops proofs of concepts.


  • Improved customer experience and satisfaction through seamless engagement across channel
  • Improved operational efficiency through process optimization
  • Increased employee satisfaction though empowerment with relevant information across all touch points

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Case Studies

Qantas enhances productivity and improves alignment of IT with business needs

TCS enabled Qantas to improve its IT services portfolio management, leading to higher operational efficiency and flexibility, reduction in IT spending, and greater alignment of IT investments with business needs.

Case Studies

TCS’ mobility solution empowers Cargotec service technicians to work more efficiently and better serve remote customers

TCS implemented an SAP Mobile Platform solution to give Cargotec service technicians the ability to order parts, manage inventory, report time and costs, and generate reports on their laptops.

White Papers

Empower, Collaborate, Reimagine: three keyingredients for successful airlines Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management (CEM) has emerged as a key priority for most airlines around the globe. Airlines have realized that customer perceptions have a profound effect on business metrics; brand equity; customer loyalty; revenue and cost savings and are trying to get one step ahead of each other to address the ever increasing need for service differentiation.