Digital Enterprise

Reimagining Utilities

Utility business is undergoing disruptive changes with the higher penetration of consumer centric technologies like distributed generation, distributed storage, electric vehicles and increased end use efficiency. The traditional volume based business model of energy delivery is being challenged. On the other hand, there are significant opportunities of creating more value around customer through new products, services and partnerships. For utilities the need of the hour is more than digitalization of processes. There is a need to re-imagine business in the wake of the disruption in the basic value chain and reduction of entry barriers to the utility business
Over the last two decades we have partnered more than 90 Energy & Utility companies globally. We have researched 50+ leading utilities to understand how the utilities services will emerge in the near future given the disruption due to increase in end use efficiency, distributed generation, storage and other market developments.

TCS Advantage

Our deep domain expertise and cross-functional skills in engineering and operations along with rich experiences in customer service domain give us an advantage in integrating IT and OT effectively to reduce cost and make better decisions.

We have a dedicated Utilities Centre of Excellence(CoE) where our utility domain experts collaborate with customers and partners in areas of Mobility, Social and Big Data Analytics to evolve new ideas, build proof of concepts for customers, lab test, conduct re-imagination workshops, articulate points of view and help firms adopt digital. These offerings are delivered through the Global Network Delivery Model™

These factors enable us to identify the digital levers for competitive advantage and help transform Utilities into a truly ‘Digital Enterprise’.

Services We Offer

TCS’ portfolio of offerings focuses on building ‘Consumer Centric Utility’ with enhanced reliability and sustainability. Each of these offerings leverages multiple digital technologies and create unique proposition with respect to new business models, products & services and business process capabilities.

Some of our key offerings are:

  • Customer experience based on Real Time analytics (CARE)
  • Analytics & optimization applications for empowered customers for digital utilities
  • Storm & extreme weather incident management
  • Next generation field services operation
  • Revenue protection & energy theft detection
  • Energy management and optimization

Solution Benefits

Our digital solutions and services result in multiple business benefits:

  • Customer Centricity

We allow your utility to understand the customer lifecycle value better and position products and services in the context of the consumer.

We help effectively engage with your customers in real time, increasing customer satisfaction.

The deeper understanding of the customer and proper use of channels helps to concentrate on the right areas to reduce cost to serve.

  • Better Reliability & Operations'

Our solution helps to plan a disaster situation better, assess the impact and prioritize work, monitor and recover through post storm work management, integrate with customer and communicate with them.

  • Sustainability

Our sustainability solutions help benchmark consumers’ energy consumption and understand behavioral patterns. This helps to drive down consumption and position new services suitable for the consumers.

Our solutions on analytics and optimization helps the utility to integrate IT and OT better. Insights generated from operational data is utilized to take decisions on investment and understanding of customer enriches operations.


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