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TCS helps a large automobile manufacturer from the US with an integrated service marketing initiative

TCS helped a large automobile manufacturer migrate its legacy campaign management system to a customer-centric integrated campaign management platform to track customers during the customer lifecycle journey and improve the overall campaign efficiency.

The Customer

TCS’ client is a leading US-based multinational automobile manufacturer. The company’s product lines include passenger cars, minivans, pick-up trucks, and medium-duty trucks, as well as utility vehicles such as sports utility vehicles and crossover vehicles.

Business Challenge

TCS’ client had a legacy service marketing campaign management system to run targeted campaigns for the eligible customers. The existing system presented them with the following challenges:

  • A time-consuming process to modify any existing business rule to adjust to the changing marketing
  • Large lead times for campaign execution
  • The absence of an integrated campaign management platform

TCS’ Solution

TCS Digital Enterprise team designed, configured and built an integrated campaign management solution using the IBM Unica Campaign Management module. We mapped the customer’s journey right from the time of buying a vehicle to its sale or relinquishment. The use of the scalable Unica platform provided the flexibility to roll out similar campaigns for other geographies while centralizing the control by designated business users.


  • An integrated campaign management platform enabled the company to track campaign effectiveness across different phases of the customer lifecycle journey.
  • There was a significant reduction in the overall campaign execution time in the range of around 50% as compared to the existing legacy systems.

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