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Leading Southeast Asian airline leverages TCS' Knome to enhance operational efficiencies and customer service

The client, a large airline based in Southeast Asia, needed to improve operational efficiencies and optimize costs in order to stay competitive. TCS introduced Knome, a social collaboration platform, to facilitate streamlining of operations through seamless flow of both tacit and explicit knowledge within the enterprise.

The Customer

The client is a large airline based in South East Asia, serving over fifty destinations with a fleet of more than 100 aircrafts. It has garnered a stellar reputation over sixty years of operation and secured several awards in the aviation industry.

Business Challenge

The client aimed to build a platform that would ensure automated and easy availability of critical information to their expert teams. They also wanted the platform to be equipped with the capability to learn from past operational issues and proactively eliminate duplication in problem resolution. Some of the other challenges faced by the client included rising costs of maintenance, repair and staffing requirements, internal restructuring, and route network rationalization.

TCS Solution

TCS provided a unified collaboration platform, Knome. The platform was deployed across several functions in the client's business such as flight operations, flight monitoring, organizational communications, and agent interface.


The introduction of Knome helped the client facilitate smooth and efficient communications, promote employee participation, and encourage the production and consumption of knowledge effectively. Some of the distinct business benefits provided by the Knome platform include:

  • Reduced costs and enhanced operational efficiencies
  • Improved collaboration between internal and external teams
  • Integrated flight operations software
  • Enhanced auditing through digitization

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