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Leveraging Best Practices and Recommendations for Optimal Performance Tuning of IBM Campaign

IBM Campaign, formerly known as Unica campaign, is a popular cross-channel campaign management software for outbound marketing. It helps marketers plan, design, execute, and evaluate highly personalized marketing campaigns. However, there are a few support issues that impede its effective implementation

A typical installation of IBM Campaign comes with default values for most of its configuration parameters. The parameters that require fine tuning reside:

  • Within the IBM Campaign applicationĀ 
  • At the web application server levelĀ 
  • At the database level

Performance improvement is an ongoing process, which does not always lead to instant results. Significant time and effort is required before any tangible benefits are generated.

We do recommend that before implementing these ideas and recommendations in the actual production environment, they are tried in a quality assurance (QA) environment that closely matches the production environment. Through continuous exploration, it is possible to fine tune performance levels and achieve the desired results. IBM Campaign users also need to document the results of changes, and generate accurate and holistic reports to evaluate their efforts at each stage, and improve their decision making.

In this paper, we address the challenges of performance tuning of IBM Campaign. We recommend assessing application performance, identifying the root cause of bottlenecks, and reconfiguring application software and hardware parameters to achieve maximum performance. The paper aims to serve as a comprehensive guide for Unica administrators, and the support team, while some information might be useful for campaign designers as well. The pointers provided in this document can be implemented well before the IBM Campaign solution is implemented, during upgrade, or even when the solution is already in place.

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