Innovation & Workplace Reimagination

In this video, Ashok Krish, Head, Social Media & Workplace Reimagination Practice, TCS Digital Enterprise talks about how to bring Innovation into products and services and reimagine digital models and business processes in this digital era.




Digital Transformation is one of the hot topics that will impact vendors and end-user organizations deeply thorough 2015 and beyond. Business leaders are looking to break down, quantify, and bring clarity to what Digital Transformation tangibly means and what areas of focus and steps should they address in their business strategies.

“Innovation can be across anything from just your product & services, channel experience, customer experience, business processes themselves or complete new business model.” -Ashok Krish, TCS Digital Enterprise

In his interview at the IDC's Pan-European Digital Summit 2015, Ashok Krish talks about the importance of creating an eco-system of partners in order to create a compelling product. This culture is currently missing in today’s organizations. Ashok states “There is a need of people who are not focused on today's business and okay to cannibalize today's business in order to have transformational innovation. Disruptive innovations don’t even come from the same industry, so it’s important for organization to keep one eye out for open innovation, Ideas from customers, other industries, academia and start-ups”

Ashok Krish talks about why Digital transformation is not a project but a process and why it’s crucial to first transform the lives of employees in the entire process. He states, “If you want to digitally innovate your business models, channel experience, customer experience, you can’t do it without transforming the lives of your employees. They have to change from their traditional roles into multiple roles where everyone has a role to play in the digital future of the organization. Innovation needs to be crowdsourced amongst the employees.”

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