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Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX) Intelligent Transport

Urban analytics software that helps improve public and multimodal transportation services

IUX Transport Accelerate smart city transportation initiatives quickly and cost-effectively

IUX Intelligent Transport is a modular, pre-integrated software solution, designed for city transportation partners to help cities address their public and multimodal transportation challenges—quickly and cost effectively.

The ability to move citizens from one point to another is critical to the vitality of a city. But as cities grow at unprecedented rates, providing efficient and affordable public transportation is becoming increasingly difficult. Cities rely on trusted transportation partners who can help them make their public transit services more effective.


IUX Intelligent Transport collects and analyzes data from multiple sources, integrating supply and demand citizen flow, city data, and commute services for real-time insights that help cities provide dependable public and multimodal transportation and improve operational excellence.


Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX) Intelligent Transport - Transportation & Mobility – Bus Service Planning
Discover how TCS Intelligent Transport can help cities improve public and multimodal transportation services while reducing operational costs and increasing revenue


TCS’ Urban Exchange (IUX) software with the IUX Platform and out-of-the-box Intelligent Transport Application addresses challenges related to city bus services and multi-mode transportation with pre-built use cases that help increase bus ridership, reduce wait times, improve capacity & utilization, and optimize city transport across all modes of public transportation based on multimodal demand. The software includes:

IUX Platform: A modular, scalable platform that collects and analyzes high volumes of data from networks, sensors, Wi-Fi hotspots, social sites, city reference data, and other data sources--structured, semi-structured and unstructured, internal and external--for real-time insights and next step recommendations to improve city transportation planning and operations. It provides a common platform across multiple domains—transportation, water with additional domains to be added—for a unified urban vision and shared intelligence.

IUX is the ideal platform for city partners providing the ability to connect a wide range of devices, sensors and APIs, and applications. TCS opens up the IUX platform for partners to develop customer applications that can be used in addition to prebuilt IUX use cases for ultimate flexibility and faster time to market. IUX’s Advanced Analytics Engine (AAE) provides the capability for partners to deploy their own custom analytics models quickly and efficiently with little to no programming required. It delivers advanced analytical capabilities for all available real time and historical city data, adding value to city open data.

Intelligent Transport Application: Includes domain-specific data models for Transportation & Mobility  with pre-built use cases for Bus Service Planning and Multi-mode Transportation designed to solve real transportation challenges and drive targeted outcomes.

IUX Bus Service Planning integrates insights from real-time consumer demand with supply side
systems such as fleet management and transportation systems for the delivery of superior city bus services.

Multi-mode Transportation integrates insights from real-time consumer multimodal passenger demand with supply side systems to optimize city transport across all modes of public transport with proactive alerts and best route recommendations.

IUX Platform APIs: Enables city transportation integrators and partners to develop custom applications on top of IUX platform services and resources.

With comprehensive analysis, real-time dashboards, capacity utilization reports, key performance indicators (KPIs) and trend alerts, IUX Intelligent Transport helps:

1) Deliver improved transportation services

  • Reduce wait times
  • Reduce commute times
  • Redistribute fleet resources to optimize service levels
  • Deliver proactive alerts in case of travel mode disruption
  • Enable citizens to select preferred transportation mode with Citizen Application for trip planning

2) Increase revenue

  • Increase ridership on public transportation
  • Boost productivity with greater transport efficiency
  • Maximize revenues with cost effectiveness recommendations

3) Reduce operational costs

  • Improve capacity management and fleet planning by aligning to citizen movement and demand patterns
  • Optimize capacity utilization through the efficient use of existing infrastructure
  • Optimize bus schedules
  • Optimize city transport across all modes of public transportation based on multimodal passenger demand

4) Reduce environmental impact

  • Decrease congestion with fewer cars on the road
  • Reduce health problems exacerbated by air pollution by increasing public transportation ridership and lowering car emissions
  • Reduce fuel consumption and carbon footprint
  • Support electric vehicle (EV) use with EV network view showing availability of EV charging stations and EV shared vehicles

Only TCS offers:

  • Industry Solutions: Our customized solutions, created by government and transportation planning experts include pre-built city mobility applications that incorporate the latest technologies and wisdom from TCS’ world class R&D.
  • Faster Deployment: IUX’s open standards platform enables faster implementation and integration with existing systems. The out-of-the-box Intelligent Transport Application with pre-built use cases accelerate smart transportation deployments.
  • Lower cost of ownership: IUX’s modular, architecture lets you buy only what you need now with the option to add capabilities later. The common, scalable IUX Platform extends economically across multiple domains such as transportation and water for collaborative city initiatives. 
  • Simplified business and engagement models: IUX offers As-a-Service subscription pricing. It’s cloud-based with applications that are accessible online or on mobile devices.
  • Experience Certainty commitment: Our corporate culture is one of superior delivery and customer certainty. Our consulting clients know the quality of our work, and now, companies can get that same level of quality, speed, and certainty with our already configured software and solutions.

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