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Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX) Intelligent Water Management

Urban analytics software that delivers a proactive approach to water management

Water Management

Reduce Non Revenue Water (NRW) loss quickly and cost effectively with a systematic, proactive approach to water loss reduction.

IUX Intelligent Water Management is a modular, pre-integrated software solution, designed for city partners to help cities reduce Non Revenue Water (NRW) loss quickly and cost effectively with a systematic, proactive approach to water loss reduction.

Clean water is essential for our health and well-being. With growing urban populations, however, water utilities are struggling to provide clean water and sanitation. High levels of water loss known as Non-Revenue Water (NRW) is a large part of the problem, but many utility leaders do not have access to information about the causes of NRW and the steps that can be taken reduce it.

TCS’ Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX) -Intelligent Water Management helps utilities and water networks proactively manage water loss and ensure safe, reliable water delivery. It’s agile, cloud-based architecture and pre-built use cases provide the comprehensive water loss management, predictive planning and goal based monitoring needed to help utilities launch smart water initiatives quickly and cost-effectively.


Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX) Intelligent Water Management - Non-Revenue Water Reduction
Discover how IUX Intelligent Water Management helps water utilities reduce Non Revenue Water (NRW) loss quickly and cost-effectively to ensure safe, reliable water delivery.


TCS’ Urban Exchange (IUX) software with the IUX Platform and out-of-the-box Intelligent Water Management Application addresses challenges related to water conservation with pre-built use cases that help reduce Non Revenue Water (NRW) and optimize capital allocation while delivering Opex and Capex savings.

IUX Platform: The robust IUX platform, built for big data, collects and analyzes data from multiple sources—flow, pressure, and level sensors and SCADA, meter data management, water management, Geographic Information (GIS), enterprise, and Leak Detection (LDS) systems—for real-time insights and next step recommendations. It provides a common platform across multiple domains—transportation, water with additional domains to be added—for a unified urban vision and shared intelligence.

IUX is the ideal platform for city partners providing the ability to connect a wide range of devices, sensors and APIs, and applications. TCS opens up the IUX platform for partners to develop customer applications that can be used in addition to prebuilt IUX use cases for ultimate flexibility and faster time to market. IUX’s Advanced Analytics Engine (AAE) provides the capability for partners to deploy their own custom analytics models quickly and efficiently with little to no programming required. It delivers advanced analytical capabilities for all available real time and historical city data, adding value to city open data.

Intelligent Utilities- Intelligent Water Management – NRW Reduction Performance Management Application: Includes domain-specific data models for Intelligent Water Management and NRW Reduction Performance Management with pre-built use cases designed to solve real water conservation challenges and deliver real results including Opex savings, Capex reduction and reliable water delivery. IUX Intelligent Water Management enables cities and water utilities to:

  • View water balance data and compare against thresholds
  • Monitor NRW performance for entire network with drilldown to individual DMAs
  • Set NRW goals and objectives and simulate ‘what if’ scenarios
  • Get real-time network awareness across entire network or selected DMA
  • Run active leakage control and Active Leakage Reduction (ALR)
  • Recommend optimal pressure
  • Predict pipe failure with streaming data on the water network
  • Optimize spend on CAPEX and OPEX for asset rehabilitation and preventative maintenance

IUX Platform APIs: Enables city transportation integrators and partners to develop custom applications on top of IUX platform services and resources.

Benefits: With comprehensive analysis, advanced situational awareness, forecasts, ‘what-if’ analysis and goal based performance monitoring, IUX Intelligent Water helps:

1) Reduce NRW Levels

  • Predict NRW loss and mitigate losses
  • Enhance decision making
  • Maximize effectiveness of planned initiatives
  • Reduce leakage impacts
  • Predict pipe failure and prioritize preventive maintenance

2) Improve Operations/ reduce costs

  • Support offline and real time integration across fragmented systems
  • Improve maintenance operations
  • Predict failures 
  • Reduce sensor spending using algorithm-based frugal leak detection techniques that require fewer sensors
  • Optimize Repair OPEX 
  • Optimize Network Rehabilitation CAPEX 
  • Reduce IT infrastructure allocation with cloud based applications accessible online or on mobile devices

    The TCS IUX Intelligent Utilities software was designed specifically for water utilities, water networks and city partners. Only TCS offers:

  • Industry solutions: Our customized solutions, created by water planning experts incorporate the latest technologies and wisdom from TCS’ world class R&D.
  • Faster Deployment: IUX’s open standards platform enables faster implementation and integration with existing systems. The out-of-the-box Intelligent Utilities Application with pre-built use cases accelerate smart water deployments.
  • Lower cost of ownership: IUX’s modular, architecture lets you buy only what you need now with the option to add capabilities later. The common, scalable IUX Platform extends economically across multiple domains such as water and transportation for collaborative city initiatives. 
  • Simplified business and engagement models: IUX offers As-a-Service subscription pricing. It’s cloud-based with applications that are accessible online or on mobile devices.
  • Experience Certainty commitment: Our corporate culture is one of superior delivery and customer certainty. Our consulting clients know the quality of our work, and now, companies can get that same level of quality, speed, and certainty with our already configured software and solutions.

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