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  • TCS Digital Software & Solutions Group
    In this era of unprecedented change, technologies like social, mobile, Big Data and cloud are converging and interacting, disrupting traditional business operations at lightning speed. As a result, you face both increased uncertainty and extraordinary opportunities.Watch how TCS’ Digital Software & Solutions help you achieve digital transformation.
  • Customer Intelligence & Insights
    Digitally empowered customers of today know and expect more. To thrive in this new environment, you need a deep understanding of each and every customer. Watch how TCS’ Customer Intelligence & Insights (CI&I) solution provides actionable insights that help you get closer to your customers, improve their experience and increase customer loyalty.
  • Customer Intelligence & Insights for Retail Banks Watch how TCS’ Customer Intelligence & Insights (CI&I) Solution for Retail Banks helps in delivering personalized services across all channels with analytics-driven insights that accelerate the journey towards customer centricity.
  • Intelligent Urban Exchange
    A Smart City will only become a reality when citizens are engaged in the transformation process through an open and innovating ecosystem. TCS’ unique cloud-based Intelligent Urban Exchange Solution (IUX) serves as the engine to launch smart city initiatives quickly with an open data platform, a core set of Urban Planning applications, and Citizen Mobile Apps that leverage its real-time analytic capabilities. Watch this video to find out more.
  • Intelligent Urban Exchange  for Transportation
    TCS’ Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX) solution with the IUX Platform and out-of-the-box Intelligent Transport Application addresses challenges related to city bus services. Discover how TCS Intelligent Transport can help cities improve public transportation services while reducing operational costs and increasing revenue.  
  • Intelligent Urban Exchange for Water Management
    TCS’ Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX) solution with the IUX Platform and out-of-the-box Intelligent Water Management Application addresses challenges related to water conservation. Discover how IUX Intelligent Water Management helps water utilities reduce Non Revenue Water (NRW) loss quickly and cost-effectively to ensure safe, reliable water delivery.
  • Digital Commerce
    TCS’ Digital Commerce solutions can help you deliver superior customer experiences across all touch points, anticipate and respond quickly to changing customer behavior, and lower operational costs.


  • Implications and Impact of the Digitally Connected Customer Journey
    It is clear that a new, connected customer journey, driven by digital technologies, is already underway. What is not clear is where the journey ends. There are signposts, however, that illuminate future direction and the changing customer journey’s impact on the enterprise. Take a look at recent perspectives about the digitally connected customer journey that promises more meaningful, enduring customer relationships, increased growth, loyalty, and market share. 

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