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3GPP Long Term Evolution Physical Layer

3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) physical layer is a complex computational block of the next generation mobile technology. It supports high data rates thereby facilitating various multimedia services on a mobile device for the benefit of the end-user.

TCS has developed LTE Layer 1 reusable components, which can be used for the development and validation of eNB and UE respectively.

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Our Offering

TCS offers the LTE eNB physical layer solution as a complete fixed point embedded solution optimized for Multi-DSP, Multi-core Freescale platform. Computation intensive blocks of LTE Baseband design solutions such as FFT, IFFT, DFT,IDFT and Turbo Decoders are implemented using MSC8157ADS/B4860QDS MAPLE-B HW accelerators components to achieve the better performance.


  • e-Node-B Conforming to 3GPP Release 9 specifications
  • Industry Standard MicroTCA Platform to integrate the PHY and Protocol stack solution
  • DSP software algorithms ported on Multicore MSC8157ADS/PSC9132QDS/B4860QDS Platform
  • Interoperability with Third party Test UE
  • Supports 150Mbps data rate in DL and 50Mbps data rate in UL
  • DL and UL baseband interface with RF/CPRI
  • Supports Scalable bandwidth up to 20 MHZ
  • Up to 4x4 MIMO support in Matlab and 2x2 MIMO support in embedded implementation
  • Multi-UE support: 8UEs/TTI , Planned: 20UEs/TTI


  • Machine to machine Communication (M2M)
  • Mobile TV
  • Video on Demand
  • Social networking
  • Mobile Commerce

Key Differentiators

  • Base station transmission and Reception validated as per 3GPP TS 36.141 & 36.104
  • Forward-looking architecture to enable easy porting to LTE- Advanced
  • Availability of LTE Matlab reference model for both LTE eNodeB and LTE UE solution
  • Proprietary Automated Test and Diagnostic (ATD) verification tool
  • Effective Hardware and Software partitioning design to meet LTE performance
  • Modular PHY software architecture
  • Efficient Tracing and Logging mechanisms for easy debug at run-time, even in a field deployment


  • Fixed Point LTE Library for eNode-B
  • Floating Point LTE Library for eNode-B and UE
  • LTE PHY Reference Model available in MATLAB and VC 

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