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Automotive Electronics and Embedded Systems

The rapidly-changing automotive industry has seen the rise of embedded systems and electronics in next-generation vehicles. With an emphasis on environment-friendly vehicles, optimized automobile performance, passenger comfort and safety, electronic content in automobile is growing rapidly.

TCS, with over two decades of automotive electronics experience is able to provide reliable, intelligent, high-performance automotive electronics solutions, which help you stay ahead of the competition.

Our Solution

We provide you with a complete solution for all your automotive electronics needs. We provide end-to-end solutions ranging from modeling, MIL, HIL, SIL, software and hardware design, coding, testing, validation and environmental testing, with the requisite utilities and tools for the automotive lifecycle.:

  • Body controls: Immobilizer, climate control, dashboards, mirrors and window controllers
  • Powertrain: Automatic transmission, adaptive cruise control, engine control system and hybrid drives
  • Chassis: Steering, vehicle stability control, electronic suspension control and chassis control unit
  • Diagnostics: DTC management, diagnostic tools and hand-held devices
  • Infotainment: Fleet management, in-car entertainment, DVD streaming, multi-channel audio and MP3 streaming
  • Safety and security: Airbags, ABS and seat belts

The TCS Advantage

TCS is a member of various automotive consortiums such as Automotive Open System Architecture (AUTOSAR) and Japan Automotive Software Platform Architecture (JasPar). Our strong reusable IP portfolio and access to test and certification facilities add value to our services.

We bring to the engagement the following advantages:

  • Ability to work across entire product development cycle
  • Research and development initiatives
  • Strong domain expertise
  • Solution Accelerators
  • Operational excellence approach

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