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Connected Health Solutions

TCS contributes to the enhancement of global health care landscape, by undertaking the development of a connectivity and interoperability framework - Connected Health - based on the vision shared by Continua Health Alliance.

Medical device manufacturers face many challenges in managing medical data. Most medical devices do not collate data in the standard format specified by Continua Health Alliance. Collecting data from different medical devices, aggregating it and processing it for different segments is an uphill task.

Our Solution

TCS Connected Health Solution is based on the medical / health device communication standard IEEE 11073 and includes the following key components:

  • Connects the medical devices with handheld devices by wired (USB) and wireless means (Bluetooth)
  • Application to collect, aggregate, process, and convert data on mobile devices operating with Android OS
  • Functionality to convert medical data to Health Level 7 (HLL7) standards
  • Connectivity framework to upload data on a popular commercial server


  • Ensure better connectivity: Seamless connectivity with Continua-compliant medical devices with variety of hand-held devices such as Mobiles, Tablets, Phablets through wired (USB) and wireless (Bluetooth) modes.
  • Provide wider support and security: Supports multiple PHRs and EHRs and ensures the consistency of Health data availability in different health informatic standards.
  • Protect patient's confidentiality:  This uses secured network protocols and auto-synchronization, even if the health data is uploaded to medical industry specific cloud servers.
  • Achieve standardization: Continua-based Manager/Aggregator framework and Agent framework solution, helps you to convert data from non-continua compliant medical devices into continua-compliant data.
  • Introduce innovative features: Flexible solution with Personal Health Index (PHI), real-time graphical data display, data archiving and feedback features support aged patients to manage their health independently.

The TCS Advantage

TCS’ extensive understanding of multiple domains, including healthcare and life sciences, and our experience in engineering and industrial services makes us the ideal partner for your technology needs. Our focused services in offering the connected and interoperable connectivity framework with the highest level of data encryption result in an affordable, secure and seamless end-to-end solution for you. Most importantly, our global network ensures that we deliver high quality, affordable services across geographies.

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