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TCS Digital Manufacturing Solution

Reduce the time to market through product, process, and facility validation, as well as optimized resource allocation and lucid assembly process flowcharts.

Discrete manufacturing industries face numerous delivery challenges across global production and supply chain units, due to varied processes, methods, and technology.

TCS' Digital Manufacturing Solution (DMS) enables organizations to create, validate, and efficiently manage manufacturing process and resource data, as well as reuse information across plant facilities. Helping manufacturers become agile in incorporating design changes, the solution serves a host of industries including automotive, aerospace, heavy engineering, medical devices, hi-tech, and shipbuilding.

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Our Solutions

    TCS' DMS markedly improves manufacturing operations, bringing in the benefits of standardization, validation, optimization, and management of process data in digital technology enabled platforms. The key components of the solution are:

    Manufacturing Process Management (MPM): These solutions provide an integrated framework for managing product, process, plant, and resource information.

    Digital Factory: These solutions help customers by simulating manufacturing processes even before the plant or  production line is laid out, providing visualization beyond product design, thereby resulting in optimization of layout and resources, as well as enhanced throughput.

Solution Benefits

    TCS' DMS helps organizations achieve operational excellence by creating a simulated design palette across the manufacturing cycle, thus ensuring layout optimization and reducing product failures. Using this solution, organizations can:

  • Reduce the time to market: The solution helps in significantly reducing the design to manufacturing lead times, thereby allowing faster product launches. 
  • Streamline processes and improve agility: By way of a simplified and standardized manufacturing and design process, the solution helps reduce redundancies and ensure a well-knit process framework.
  • Enhance product design: Manufacturers can leverage the simulated environments for superior design capabilities, and promote collaboration and reusability across different processes. 
  • Improve resource management: The solution helps maximize resource utilization and improve throughput. Based on engagements with leading industry players, we have observed that it ensures a 15-20 percent reduction in operational expenditure (OPEX).
  • The TCS Advantage

      By partnering with TCS, organizations can benefit from:

  • Strong industry network and alliances: TCS enjoys strong alliances with industry players like Siemens PLM Software, Dassault Systèmes, and DM3D Technology, LLC and other market leaders.
  • Multi-faceted teams: Our domain consultants have extensive industry experience and have worked on various manufacturing tools available in the market, helping them holistically address customer requirements, in a timely fashion. 
  • Customer experience center: TCS has established a digital manufacturing customer experience center - a showcase of our innovations at Hyderabad, India. Ongoing research and competency development at this center helps us deliver breakthrough solutions to our customers by way of compelling proofs of concept and pilot runs.

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