Engineering & Industrial Services


Several global enterprises are currently strategizing Engineer-to-Order execution by effectively integrating execution processes, data, and IT systems globally in a way that enables ETO organizations to efficiently address the modern day challenges.


This video talks about the ETO2Win solution framework that enables definitive business value in maximizing inquiry win rate, engineering productivity and increasing service business.


Engineer to order companies especially in the power, industrial machinery and oil & gas sectors are facing significant challenges. Right from managing unique custom requirements, lengthy inquiry response cycles, imprecise estimations and solution propositions to lesser win rate , longer engineering execution cycles and continuous engineering changes.


ETO2WIN (developed by Siemens and TCS) leverages the integral power of Rulestream, Teamcenter and NX. The offering has the following set of solution elements in the three major streams of the ETO life cycle:

  • Inquiry to order
  • Order execution
  • Service life cycle

Business Value

  • Maximizing inquiry win rate
  • Improving engineering productivity
  • Increasing service business

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