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Manage product life cycle requirements from new product introduction to volume manufacturing with TCS’ Electromechanical Manufacturing Services.

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Product companies are increasingly focusing on their core strengths and entering into engineering led partnerships with manufacturing organizations. Such partnerships allow them to reduce bottlenecks in the internal design process, manage the product lifecycle, and effectively address opportunities in emerging markets.

TCS Offerings

We specialize in precision electromechanical products for niche applications across the automotive, hi-tech, medical devices, and industrial automation and equipment industries. Our solutions include the following:

  • Design to Manufacturing (D2M) 
    • Design, development, and engineering of products and sub-assemblies based on system requirements.
    • Design of mechanical components across a wide range of commodities, layout for multi-layer printed circuit boards, inter-connect systems, firmware, electromechanical sub-systems, actuators and interfaces.
    • Value engineering as well as prototype build and production of alpha and beta samples for design validation and certification.
    • Establishment of mechanical component manufacturing and supply chain in India, to enable localization.
    • Development of associated tooling such as molds, dies, production test fixtures, and jigs.
    • Supply chain management and volume manufacturing with the ability to address global logistics requirements, and robust reverse logistics support for repair and warranty needs.
  • Product Lifecycle Management 
    • Re-engineering of product and sub-assemblies to address component obsolescence.
    • Feature based product development and release for repositioning in newer and/or emerging markets.
    • Implementation of product re-packaging for a new look, feel, and branding.

The TCS Advantage

TCS’ Electromechanical Manufacturing Services help with prototyping, volume manufacturing, and ensuring product sustenance.

  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities - Ou Manufacturing facilities, support exports from India and cater to local demands. Our services enable electromechanics manufacturers to optimize product development costs. Our facilities are equipped with Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly lines, which helps in faster and precision manufacturing.
  • Experienced Consultants: Our pool of highly qualified and experienced consultants and technology specialists, mature quality processes, as well as superior vendor management capabilities make us the partner of choice  


TCS’ Electromechanical Manufacturing Services (EMS) deliver 30 to 40 percent cost savings in product acquisitions and reduces the product-supply gestation period by nearly 50 percent through established sourcing lines. TCS’ services in the electromechanical manufacturing space help you:

  • Harness emerging market opportunities through re-engineered product variants manufactured in high volumes.
  • Concurrently engineer new generation products with shorter time-to-market.
  • Ensure ‘first time right’ product design by identifying and fixing anomalies early on in the product design and development cycle. Our services also assists in concurrent design validation for manufacturability, testability, and serviceability.
  • Jump start product supply to newer markets by leveraging our infrastructure and design competencies. Organizations can eliminate the need for additional investments and avoid delays in setting up captive production lines.
  • Absorb products developed through Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) relationships into main stream manufacturing.


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