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Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV Receiver

TCS brings you the Hybrid Broadcast-Broadband TV (HbbTV) Receiver Solution. With our solution, connected TVs and set-top boxes can access new interactive broadcast services including catch-up TV, Video on Demand (VoD), interactive advertising, personalized Electronic Program Guides (EPG), and social networking.

Prior to rolling out a unified entertainment experience, there are certain business challenges that must be addressed by consumer electronics manufacturers such as most emergence of the Internet as a content generator. Viewers now expect TVs to be smart, interactive and loaded with features and content. Other prominent challenges to address include the offering of new technology paradigms for old or archaic hardware and the reluctance of consumers to invest in new hardware.

Our Solutions

Our offering is ready for deployment on suitable hardware and is composed of multiple open standards, such as Open IP TV forum specifications (OIPF), Consumer Electronics-HTML (CE-HTML),  the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and Digital Video Broadcast (DVB). The components delivered as part of the solution are:

  • OIPF extensions - the Application Programming Interface (APIs) defined for HbbTV applications
  • CE-HTML engine
  • Multimedia interface to play DVB and Internet media
  • Middleware APIs for PVR, Configuration and Setting, Broadcast control, Status, Content on Demand functionality
  • DSM-CC and AIT modules to decode the broadcast stream


For Digital TV and Set Top Box:

  • Facilitates faster deployment of HbbTV-capable Set top boxes and TVs by virtue of being a pre-configured modular solution
  • Enhances customer experience with its low boot times and quick response times
  • Allows quick deployment and troubleshooting as a result of on-thefly updates
  • Allows integration with personal media

For Tablets:

  • Small footprint solution which can be used in large variety of tablet configurations
  • Uses existing technologies implies ready to be deployed on currently existing software stack of Tablets
  • TV Applications on the Tablets becomes a natural extension of TV watching experience of users - Enables “Second Screen” experience

For Broadcasters:

  • Ensures better control over deployed set top boxes/TVs by means of faster upgrades of set top boxes with the latest firmware
  • Enables different usage patterns and business models through interactive TV apps
  • Makes the use of legacy hardware for deployment possible as it is an optimized solution with a smaller footprint that enables low-end settop box hardware easily
  • Adds to the ease of use for support personnel by means of its built-in error reporting mechanism that allows remote trouble-shooting

The TCS Advantage

  • Synergetic operation with the HbbTV applications development group helps you find new business avenues in HbbTV applications market
  • Depth and breadth of industry expertise due to presence in all the related technologies of HbbTV
  • In house R&D for HbbTV specific embedded hardware
  • End-to-end offering across entire product range of HbbTV from embedded devices to HbbTV applications

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