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LTE eNode-B Small Cells Solution

4G LTE (Longterm Evolution) supports high data rates, allowing mobile users to access high-end, rich media applications on their smartphones. However, indoor signal penetration of 4G is often low, affecting Internet performance and leading to consumer frustration. With consumers spending two-thirds of their time indoors, mobile operators need to address this issue swiftly as they cannot afford a dip in performance.

TCS offers 3GPP Release-9 compliant critical software components of eNodeB small cell products . These components form a part of a small cell or a femtocell, which acts as a small, lowpower cellular base station, significantly boosting Internet performance on mobile devices indoors.

Our Offering | Benefits | The TCS Advantage

The advent of LTE and LTE-Advanced has spurred the manufacture of small cells and today it is a growing market. However, manufacturers face several challenges including factoring interference management, power management and backhaul support while developing LTE eNodeBs. Compounding these challenges is the need to design low-cost components with costeffective system integration and testing strategies, without compromising on performance and usability.

Our Offering

TCS’ 3GPP Release-9 compliant critical software components of eNodeB small cell products are designed as plug-n-play components to help overcome these challenges. Our offering includes:

  • Layer 1 (PHY)
  • Layer 2 (MAC,RLC, PDCP) and
  • Layer 3 (RRC)

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With TCS’ 3GPP Release-9 compliant critical software components of eNodeB small cell products you realize the following benefits:

  • Reduced OPEX costs by leveraging our in-house proprietary test suite and framework solutions that offer highly reliable diagnostic capabilities
  • Faster time-to-market facilitated by our reusable components
  • Simple and rapid implementation as compared to macro cell implementation
  • Improved macro network capacity availability as small cells route voice and data over a fixed line broadband connection

The TCS Advantage

TCS’ 3GPP Release-9 compliant critical software components solution combines our in-depth knowledge of the telecommunication industry and our technology expertise. We add value to the engagement through:

  • Validated technology: Our 3GPP compliant eNode-B-PHY is validated by a third-party test UE. And we have achieved the theoretical maximum data rate of 150Mbps in DL for 2 antenna and 50Mbps in UL.
  • Benchmarked models: LTE MATLAB reference models for both LTE eNodeB and LTE UE solution as per 3GPP TS 36.141 and 36.104 test specifications are available.
  • Superior data rates: Our modular PHY software architecture with effective hardware and software partitioning help realize better data-rates with real-time performance and also enhance the solution for LTE-Advanced in the future
  • Proprietary tool: Our proprietary trace and logging mechanism tool helps you debug your solutions in run time, reducing the testing efforts significantly
  • Verification tools: Our proprietary Automated Test and Diagnostic (ATD) verification tool verifies the signal processing algorithms at both, module level and system level.
  • System integration: With our diverse experience in telecom hardware, software and manufacturing, we have the capability to perform the role of a system integrator for various form factor products of small cells.

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