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Manufacturing Execution and Intelligence (ME&I)

With need for lesser time-to-market and pressure on costs across the value chain, global manufacturers are driven toward building new organizational and technological capabilities to achieve excellence.

TCS’ Manufacturing Execution and Intelligence Solutions help you streamline and optimize your operations, achieve excellence in core production processes and make informed decisions for operational excellence on the basis of data analytics

Client Challenges

  • Business harmonization, application islands, rising cost of maintenance, lack of visibility (into enterprise-wide information), reusability and standardization
  • Pressure to execute constraint-based production scheduling, retrieve order status, reduce time–to-markets and improve overall asset utilization

Growing emphasis on downtime analysis, regulatory compliance, product tracking and genealogy, real-time data collection, display of BOM and production instruction routing

What TCS Provides

Consulting: It includes opportunity assessment, MES architecture consulting, MES product evaluation, ROI analysis and functional requirement specifications.

Solution Design and Implementation: It includes Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), standard-based solution design and development, robust onsite–offshore implementation methodology and solution architecture definition.

Solution Roll-out: It includes multisite roll-out, program/project management and change management.

ERP-MES-Control System Integration: It includes standard-based integration (ISA 95 Part I & II/OAGi), custom integration, workflow/process modeling (ISA 95 Part III and S88 based) and manufacturing dashboards/portals. 

Multilevel Support (Levels 1 to 3): Support, migration and maintenance

Manufacturing Integration/Intelligence: It includes a robust and flexible platform for process and information integration; provision of standards-based models for information exchange between SAP ERP and plant floor applications; and role-based dashboards for single window access to decision support tools and analytics on manufacturing operations and data.

Business Value

  • Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership by at least 25% without compromise on quality and timeline
  • Optimization of asset utilization (OEE/ROA)
  • Presence of Real-time Plant Status Information (Dashboard)
  • Faster Time-to-Value on SAP ERP to plant systems integration
  • Seamless plant floor to SAP/ERP integration
  • Excellence in terms of predictable operations, equipment efficiencies, improved quality and reduced re-work/wastage  

Client Thoughts

“With TCS’ business experience in development and implementation of customized MES solutions, along with the strong regional presence in China, and XJP leading position in Pharmaceuticals, we are extremely happy in partnering with TCS. This has been a strategic implementation for XJP and would act as a model for similar implementations in future. We have experienced the TCS ‘Experience Certainty’ and ‘Global Network Delivery’ throughout the project and are confident on our continuing relationship in future.”
                                     - Xian-Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd (a Johnson & Johnson Co.), 
                                       Zhang Yuping,
 Information System Manager, IT

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