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Manufacturing Operations Transformation

TCS' Manufacturing Operations Transformation (MOT) framework enables standardization of platforms and processes, and drives vertical integration across the manufacturing lifecycle to achieve plant-wise Manufacturing Operations Management benefits.

Manufacturing companies are challenged by complex, non-standardized operations and stringent compliance requirements. Thw companies need an integrated solution that seamlessly translates business decisions to operational executions. Strategically realigning the manufacturing value chain with seamless vertical integration across processes, people and technologies can help global manufacturers overcome these challenges.

Our Solution

The MOT framework transforms your manufacturing operations processes and supporting IT applicationswith the help of tools and templates.It helps you achieves this transformation through five well-defined stages:

  • Assess
  • Blueprint 
  • Deliver
  • Manage
  • Support


The MOT Framowork addresses the challenges of all facets of business - Process, Technology, and People- holistically and effectively. Addtionally the benefits include:

  • Efficiency in plant operation: Transformation helps you improve Plant KPIs like throughput rate, yield, and first time right, thereby improving inventory turnover, return on assets and the operating margin of plants.
  • Business level integration: By standardizing the process and platform across plants, the plant lends support to the supply chain strategy, enabling enterprise level visibility.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership: With standardization across plants, our transformation program enables plants to operate with an optimal number of plant IT systems requiring minimal support.

The TCS Advantage

  • Domain knowledge: TCS has pioneered large transformational programs and successfully executed over ten such engagements globally. TCS experts have indepth knowledge of manufacturing operations across various industry verticals which is leveraged during these programs.
  • Tools and templates: Our comprehensive set of tools and templates developed, based on our expertise and experience, accelerate your transformation initiative to reduce time as well as cost of implementation.
  • Understanding of standards: TCS consultants have in-depth knowledge of MES standards such as ISA 95, and those prescribed by Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA), among others.  

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