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Mobile GIS Solution

TCS offers Mobile GIS, a field GIS solution complemented by global positioning system (GPS) that offers multi device support including tablets, smart phones and tough books.

Mobile applications deliver rich, on-demand information to engineers and executives on the move. However, building mobile solutions that are tightly integrated with enterprise applications and business processes has been challenging. These challenges mount when enterprises look for extending spatial technologies to the field.

Our Solution

TCS’ Mobile GIS solution provides seamless organization-wide spatial information on the field and in office, enabling accurate, real-time and informed decision-making.


The mobile GIS solution helps organizations to seamlessly collaborate with field and office environments enabling them make accurate, real-time and informed business decisions.

  • Effective asset tracking and management: Mobile GIS solution provides a learning feature that allows you to query assets . You can search, locate, inspect and report on organizational assets on the go, edit asset data and upload updates directly to the central database.
  • Efficient workforce management: Mobile GIS tracks the location of your field staff allowing you to allocate, review and reassign work assignments to teams on the field as required, ensuring optimal resource utilization.
  • Digital data on finger tips: Mobile GIS is accessible using the touch screen of your smart phone or ruggedized handheld device, thereby eliminating tedious handling of paper maps. Our solution empowers you to make swift and accurate decisions, using digital maps displayed instantly on screen.
  • Enhanced data integrity and synchronization: Mobile GIS solution offers flexibility to work in a disconnected mode with ability to synchronize updates with central database once connected. This eliminates data integrity and synchronization errors.
  • Multi-modal network connectivity: Mobile GIS solution syncs with central database using various options like 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi or wired networks.

The TCS Advantage

The solution comes with TCS wide experience in implementing enterprise geospatial and mobility solutions for large organizations in energy, resources, utilities, telecom, retail, insurance, transport and government organizations globally. The solution has the required spatial features for field force and offer flexibility to configure it to the organization specific processes and integrate it with enterprise IT systems.

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