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Reimagine an integrated value chain and transform your business performance with TCS’ Next Generation Design to Manufacturing Services.

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Organizations worldwide are restructuring operations to incorporate innovative and path-breaking digital technologies in their value chain. Emerging digital trends and concepts such as the digital thread, model based definition (MBD), model based enterprise (MBE), virtual reality, Industry 4.0, and disruptive manufacturing techniques like 3D printing are proving to be game-changers in a competitive industry landscape.

TCS’ Next Generation Design to Manufacturing Services streamline and accelerate product development across the value chain, through an integrated design environment with virtualized manufacturing processes on Digital Technology.

TCS Offerings

We support global manufacturers with:

  • Digital product definition and model based definition (MBD) for discrete mechanical and mechatronics engineering
  • Engineering simulation solution as a service for finite element modeling (FEM), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and high performance computing (HPC)
  • Integrated Design to Manufacturing (D2M) solution to enable industries adopt Model Based Enterprise (MBE) and virtual validation of manufacturing processes before product realization (for Industry 4.0).  This includes Model Based Definition (MBD), Product and Manufacturing information (PMI), Digital manufacturing engineering encompassing Bill of Process (BoP)/Mfg Bill of Material (MBoM), Virtual Factory Simulation (VFS) and 3D based  visual work instruction(3D PDF) with  Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) as a platform.
  • Manufacturing engineering, process planning and management, digital factory flow simulation, and NC technologies.   
  • Services for 3D printing include:
    • Consulting and business case assessment for 3D printing adoption
    • Design and redesign for part and assembly consolidation, geometric complexity, manufacturing process, and tooling.
    • Goal based design for light weighting
    • Design for Personalization of devices such as products for medical and retail industries.  

The TCS Advantage

Leveraging its industry-standard platforms and solution accelerators, TCS helps global manufacturers digitally transform to realize the design to manufacturing value chain. We offer a differentiated engagement experience by virtue of:

  • Leading industry expertise: TCS’ consultants have extensive experience in designing and implementing digital solutions for leading manufacturers the world over. We offer domain-specific custom built solutions to partner with our clients in their strategic growth journeys. Our global alliances and strong customer references, coupled with validation by industry experts and analysts, have proven our market-leading position in this space.
  • Technology proficiency: To keep pace with technological advances, TCS has set up dedicated research and innovation labs for engineering services. We offer strategic transformational technology MBD and MBE solutions and our techno-functional consultants have deep expertise in engineering design, simulation based predictive engineering, 3D printing/additive manufacturing, digital manufacturing, and more.


Leveraging TCS’ solutions and services, you can reap the following benefits:

  • Integrated Design to manufacturing enablement with heavy engineering major brought in product development lead time reduction up to 30% and improved operational efficiency by 20% through advanced engineering simulation and virtualization in manufacturing.
  • Model based definition solution with Electronic work instruction / 3DPDF improved quality by reducing rework, accelerating time to market and reduce manufacturing supplier response time by 30%
  • Rapid prototyping through additive manufacturing reduced Engineering cost up to 20% and lead time up to 30%
  • Simplified supply chain, increased design freedom through 3D printing.

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