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TCS Pump System Performance Monitor

Tata Consultancy Services' (TCS) Pump System Performance Monitor (PSPM) is a framework that provides timely measurement of key pump parameters and the associated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), without the need for significant infrastructure investment.

Across industries, pump systems often account for more than 20% of the total electricity cost.  Organizations are increasingly recognizing the need for a solution that can assist in pump performance monitoring, maintenance, and investment decisions to enable efficient operations.

Our Solution
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Our Solution

TCS’ Pump System Performance Monitor processes information from the plant's telemetry systems and data warehouses and allows asset managers to configure, monitor and optimize their pump systems. The solution eliminates the burden of complex calculations and reduces the need for manual interventions to a minimum. With the solution’s ability to offer intelligent information including a comparison of as-is pump performance with that of the manufacturer's, it enables companies to achieve a higher degree of pump performance analysis.


TCS’ PSPM enables improved visualization of KPIs, performance comparison to enable bench-marking, and identification of performance gaps through effective analysis. With features like the 'Best Fit Curve' for the data set and outlier reports for efficiency, you can analyze reports to optimize preventive and planned maintenance. A scalable solution, PSPM helps you realize:

  • Up to 10% reduction in energy costs
  • Effective visualization, monitoring and deviations reporting, to drive timely interventions
  • Performance benchmarking and reporting with associated cost information
  • Decision support linked to maintenance and investment plans
  • Minimal manual intervention through system automation

The TCS Advantage

TCS PSPM is designed to maximize the utilization of existing infrastructure without the need for creating or investing in new solutions. The web application built into our solution uses Crystal Reports and Microsoft Charts, and can be plugged into other reporting and charting tools. Our solution can be further tailored to different types of water networks and address different KPI calculation requirements. An amalgamation of the best of engineering, IT and water domain expertise, TCS' PSPM can deliver a high degree of operational efficiency and performance improvement.

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