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Smart Metering Solution

Reduction in overall energy consumption requires a smart metering system, which enables companies to remotely cut off the energy supply, in case a consumer exceeds the credit limit.

Utilities company, derive benefits from accurate billing, easy remote monitoring, and detection and prevention of energy theft.

Our Solution

TCS’ complete Smart Metering Solution facilitates bi-directional data or command transfer for various existing utility meters such as electricity, gas and water and include:

  • Meter installations Application
  • Bidirectional communication over a secured channel using AES- 128 encryption:
    • Short haul communication (meter node to data collector) over the wireless M-Bus protocol
    • Long haul communication (data collector to data concentrator) over the Ethernet
  • Remote configuration and firmware upgrade
  • Configurable communication through modes: wM-Bus (S1, S1m, S2, T1, T2)
  • Metering data communication – periodic or on-demand as per configured mode
  • Error handling and alarm handling
  • Credit limit support
  • Provision for meter data back-up as per smart metering specifications


  • Is open, standardized and vendor-independent
  • Supports the European standard wireless M-Bus as per standard EN13757-4
  • Aligns with emerging metering standards
  • Supports long battery life and reduces power consumption and costs
  • Is user-friendly and allows easy monitoring, control and configuration

The TCS Advantage

  • Hardware installation to cloud-based back-end services, deployment and maintenance
  • Product design
  • Field testing certification

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