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TCS Asset and Energy Management Solutions

Rising energy production costs and varying demand-supply trends have created a volatile business environment, compelling organizations to look for innovative ways to optimize processes and stay competitive.

TCS’ Asset and Energy Management Solutions enable energy optimization and control, remote monitoring, and equipment diagnostics. TCS’ offerings facilitate accurate decision making through timely analysis of energy production, generation, and distribution processes. 

Our Solution

  • Data acquisition and management system
  • Energy-Carbon View (ECView)
  • Connected universe platform
  • Sensory data analytics framework
  • Remote and shared services


TCS’ Asset and Energy Management Solutions help streamline processes, optimize systems, control events, and analyze overall performance. Key benefits are:

  • Integration and standardization of disparate systems to facilitate better monitoring
  • Improved decision making driven by advanced analytics that deliver real-time insights on energy consumption
  • Optimized asset utilization
  • Reduced energy wastage
  • Significant cost savings through our frugal engineering solutions

The TCS Advantage

TCS delivers value to your business by offering solutions that can operate in varying environments, manage increasing data volumes, and ensure sustainability by extending existing capabilities. Partner with us to gain from our:

  • Superior technology expertise in Big Data and analytics, cloud computing, IoT technologies, and enterprise solutions
  • Rich partner network with industry-leading product vendors and solution providers
  • Platform-agnostic solutions

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